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Campbell Ohio Elementary Student Brings Gun To School?


It Appears We Were Misinformed about The School’s Location

The location of the school is Volney Rogers Middle School

Volney Rodgers
Volney Rogers

Here is the complete story on WFMJ


Should it be Mandatory to Notify Parents of Child Safety Incidents at School?

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Campbell Ohio Guns in School
Campbell Ohio Guns in School


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9 thoughts on “Campbell Ohio Elementary Student Brings Gun To School?”

  1. Just like the highschool kept quiet about the strong smell of weed through the school which caused my son to be sick. Shhh don’t tell anyone. Yet everyone, students, teachers, even the officer knew about it. And when I picked my kids up. It was marked unexcused! Smh

    1. Please share the link to their story. We posted on here what we received from a concerned parent. If it is a complete HOAX why have they not contacted us?

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