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Law Law Law

I find it ironic that that law many times is crammed so far up peoples assess that they don’t even know right from wrong. The “Law” was made for people and not the other way around. The purpose of the law is to attempt to address the safety and moral climate for humanity. You cannot establish what is right and what is wrong from what the “Law” preaches. How many of you have been victims of the law? I know I have several times. The Law let me be adopted by a man that beat me and my brothers half to death when we were children. The Law is now fining people that cannot afford health insurance. The Law is taking good fathers rights away and not letting them see their children. The Law says its OK for a bus driver NOT to stop when they see a child approaching the roadway. The Law lets corrupt cults practice murder by refusing blood transfusions to innocent babies. The Law will fine you if you do not wear a seatbelt but children on a bus don’t have to wear them! Anyone of you can be sued for something that you are doing right now by the Law! The law is the law and it has NOTHING to do with right and wrong! If you want a law that does address something that is right and wrong then you are going to have to fight for it because frankly that law don’t care!

Purpose of the Law

The purpose of the law is to establish order, not right and wrong. Sometimes that order is screwed up because you have corrupt educated individuals that know how to get laws passed but they know nothing about right and wrong. People are desperate when they actually face this reality. This is what also encourages faith and a belief in God. However the sad fact about it all is that if you are a Christian Jesus said his Kingdom or Government is no part of this world, and with good reason too! lol. Who the hell in their right mind would want this mess of a setup? That right, if you want a change in this world you are going to have to fight for it. God has no interest in this worlds governments or laws.

The good part of the law is that it does establish order. You have to stop at a red light, a stop sign. There are laws that prevent companies from dumping toxic waste in our waterways. There are many good facets of the law that many of us depend upon.

You are going to be sued!

I find it hilarious that people are warning me about being sued, it’s great to laugh these days when I am so depressed. Do you really think I care? It’s amazing to me that people think that making money is my motivation. I am nuts because I don’t care about money? lol. I think child safety is more important than money and the only person that is going to do the suing right now is me. 😉 I have put every penny donated to Faith in the development of the child safety app and website. I won’t need any money where I am going eventually anyway, neither will any of you. But, wouldn’t it be nice if we could leave a little something for the children before we go? How about their safety? That would be nice wouldn’t it?



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