Negligence is NOT a Crime in Youngstown Ohio According to Prosecutors

Negligence is not a crime in Youngstown Ohio according the the prosecutors and commanding officer Lieutenant Ross! It becomes very evident when the officials are negligent as well. So that is why they do not prosecute for negligence. If one negligent person prosecutes another negligent person then their negligent argument becomes null. What is more that the negligent people are in charge of your childrens safety from the bottom of the ladder and all the way to the top in Youngstown Ohio! They think that just because someone did not mean to do it that they are not guilty of doing it. The irony of it all is that negligence is a crime when it involves your “Professional Career” choice. We have ample evidence that the “Professional School Bus Driver” was totally negligent on many levels. We have given the prosecution ample time to prosecute and they refuse to do so. It is now time to go above their heads with the current evidence that we have that proves negligence to an alarming degree of even causing deaths of innocent school children!

fatal stats

Proving Negligence is a Crime in This Case

If you see children playing on a steep hillside rolling down it towards a road way with heavy traffic, would you report it? If you have any decency at all in you then you would. Why do you need a law to be decent? It is interesting that it is required by Law that the School Bus Driver Reports these things. Is there a record of her reporting this? NO! Here is the website that reveals this law!



Did the school bus driver admit she was negligent? Yes, here is her statement to the police in her own handwriting!

driver statement


It is time to have the Prosecuting Attorney’s Disbarred and for the Commanding Officer to be removed from his position

If you want to see real change in Youngstown Ohio then we must remove and replace the people at the top that desire to cover this crime up. They are evidently inept for their positions that they hold to keep the community of Youngstown safe! They have no desire even to protect children in light of this evidence that has been in front of them for over 3 months now. Lieutenant Ross and Attorney Hume both are 100% sure this was not a crime according to a conversation I had with them. That is what they told me and my attorney and the public. They evidently do not have the ability to process facts and evidence. In fact they never even questioned the witnesses that were standing with Faith and Harley but only questioned those on the school bus. They never questioned a professional driver which would of also helped them in the investigation. Yet they are 100% sure there was no crime committed here that led to Faiths death!

More evidence of Negligence

So as I have fought for justice to be done in Youngstown Ohio I have had many reach out to me. Many good school bus drivers out there that are totally appalled at what is happening in Youngstown. Here is a conversation that I had with a bus driver that drove with the bus driver that killed Faith!

school bus driver5

school bus driver4

school bus driver3

school bus driver2

school bus driver


Below are 2 petitions one to have the prosecutors removed from office because of their negligence. The other is to internal affairs to have Lieutenant Ross removed from his position.

Remove Youngstown Prosecutors From Office

Dear Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine


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Attention Internal Affairs Youngstown Ohio

ATTN: Jose Morales Dep/Sgt

We the people of Youngstown Ohio and Citizens of the United States of America wish to have Lieutenant Ross affiliated with the Faith McCullough case remove from office on grounds of negligence. He has refused to give Faith McCullough a United States Citizen and resident of Youngstown Ohio Justice according to the Constitution of the United States of America. She was tragically killed by a school bus in a school zone which was a preventable tragedy on many different levels. Please help us get justice for this child and show that there is accountability in Youngstown Ohio for people in charge of our childrens safety and well being! The driver by her own admission proves she was negligent and this officer refused to do his job! In addition Ross was very ignorant to the father of Faith McCullough and treated him with disrespect when he questioned why they reached a decision that there was no crime committed here. Ross told Maximus McCullough that he was 100% sure that no crime was committed here when the evidence clearly says something totally different! The investigation was not a thorough investigation, Ross never questioned the witnesses that were standing beside Faith McCullough when the preventable tragedy happened. Please do not turn a deaf ear to us, please hear our cries for justice to be done!


12 signatures

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One thought on “Negligence is NOT a Crime in Youngstown Ohio According to Prosecutors”

  1. Maximus I admire what you are doing but do you really think that the people in Youngstown care? I am just concerned that you are going to go out on a limb for these people for changes and they really don’t care. I think it is obvious that these people do not care, you only have 3 signatures now on your new petitions. I invite you and your family to move here, we could really use someone like you with your talents and you will have a team of professionals backing you up. Please give me your contact information, I am prepared to make you an offer that will beat anyone’s offer. -Sincerely Stan

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