I wrote to the President of the United States

Well I wrote to the President of the United States. If you desire to help you can too here This is what I wrote him…

I also wish that the president would address Child Safety. My daughter was killed by a school READ MORE ABOUT THIS...

Update on Faith McCullough’s Case in Youngstown Ohio

So those of you that are wanting updated about Faith’s case here it is. The final deposition was done last Wednesday. It was actually Harleys deposition. Harley said he wanted to do it so I let him. I think the defense got more than they bargained READ MORE ABOUT THIS...

Fight cancels class at Youngstown East High School

Fight at Youngstown East High School Classes Canceled As A Result

The students at East High School were sprayed with pepper spray. The innocent and the guilty at the same time! Can you image? This took place Tuesday March 8th 2016.


According to a comment on WKBN the SWAT team was called to resolve the situation.  They READ MORE ABOUT THIS...

What sucks about High School and Makes Home School Great

One of the things that really sucked when I got to high school is the fact they took RECESS off of us! Is this a wise decision? Well I hated it. Recess was a time to let loose, it was a time to run and play. Recess was my favorite part of school.

Elementary School


Campbell Ohio Elementary Student Brings Gun To School?

Volney Rodgers
Volney Rogers


It Appears We Were Misinformed about The School’s Location

The location of the school is Volney Rogers Middle School

Here is the complete story on WFMJ

Should it be Mandatory to Notify Parents of Child Safety Incidents at School?

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How I Deal With Problematic Kids Think Tank

Dealing with problematic kids is not easy. There have been more than a few people that think that abusing a problematic kid is OK. In reflection of the last post on this website I have read several comments of people who expressed the desire that problematic READ MORE ABOUT THIS...

Youngstown East High School Principal Crushes Student

east high school principal Tryvan Leech, Sr.
East High School Principal Tryvan Leech, Sr. Crushing Student Under His Weight

A Youngstown East High School principal crushes a student apparently with the help of another student. Tryvan Leech, Sr. is seen below on top of a East High Student in an altercation.

What Led to Principal Tryvan Leech Sr. Crushing This Student?

On Thursday October 29th Mayra Espada the mother of the teen READ MORE ABOUT THIS...