Youngstown Angels Strike Again It’s Not Over till its Over

I find it amazing that Youngstown Angels are coming out of the woodwork from everywhere, yet I should not be surprised at all. Many people including doctors, lawyer’s, cops and teachers are appalled at the injustice done to Faith McCullough. READ MORE ABOUT THIS...

Eyewitness Statements Voices Of Children and Driver

The following are statement taken from East High School children on and off the school bus. Here are the facts about these statements.

  • None of them are licensed CDL or Commercial Drivers Licensed Holders which receive special training to ensure the safety of children and especially pedestrians.
  • Most or all of them do not hold a valid drivers licence.
  • None of them have any or very little experience driving.
  • They are all behind the driver on the bus.
  • None of them can observe as well as the driver of the bus, mirrors, viewing area etc.
  • The bus driver knew that her vehicle is longer than a car or pickup truck.

Please notice that even these children realize rolling down a hill will make one dizzy and disoriented. Too bad READ MORE ABOUT THIS...

Faith McCullough, why is she important to the Nation?

Why is what happened to Faith McCullough important to our nation, our country, our people and our Constitution? Justice for ALL is what the constitution  of the United States reads and we are only as strong as its weakest link. “We The People” READ MORE ABOUT THIS...

Thank You to the Good People of Youngstown Ohio and Abroad

Personally I would like to express my appreciation to all the good people of Youngstown Ohio & abroad who have supported us through this terrifying ordeal. It was total horror for us when our baby girl was killed and to top it off the Youngstown READ MORE ABOUT THIS...

Unavoidable Accident or Accident or Preventable Tragedy

Unavoidable Accidents

  • Getting Stuck by Lightening
  • Having a Meteor Falling on your Head
  • A Tire blowing out on your vehicle while driving resulting in an accident
  • Instant Break Failure that leads to an unavoidable accident.
  • A hail stone that smashes through your windshield causing you to wreck.

{by the way you will still be cited for break failure or tire blowing out if they result in an accident }

Accident or Preventable Accident

  • Failure to react
  • Spilling a cup of coffee
  • Rear ending someone
  • Running a stop sign
  • Failure to Yield
  • Texting while driving

Preventable Tragedy

  • Hitting a child in a school zone at 10 MPH causing their death.
  • Shooting someone in the back of the head from a misfire.
  • Drunk Driving that leads to death.
  • Not paying attention while driving and killing someone.
  • creating a Dangerous environment for children to play at after school.
  • Ignoring Dangerous Hazards where school children play.

Why this Cause is important for the People of Youngstown and Their Children’s Future

So many people feel like the person below. This was a statement taken from WKBN’s website in the comments section.


Killing Children While Playing is OK with Youngstown Officials

Below is a list of things that you will get charged with if you commit them in Youngstown Ohio.

  • Seatbelt Violations
  • Going left of center while driving.
  • Texting and Driving
  • Speeding
  • Failure to obey traffic control devices.

Here is something that the authorities in Youngstown will not cite you for.

  • Running over a child in a school zone and killing them if they get in your way while going left of center at 6 to 10 MPH.

Mind you that this is only the authorities that think this way and people like READ MORE ABOUT THIS...

Ignorance is Bliss to those who claim Innocence by It

This website is made for the Angels of Youngstown Ohio who are sick and tired or the Authorities taking a complacent stand when it comes to justice in this town. They like to use terms like unavoidable accidents to justify the death of a child when READ MORE ABOUT THIS...