Shocking Evidence for Faith McCulloughs Case

When the “Preventable Tragedy” happened I got thousands of emails. One in particular disturbed me to a great deal. Many knew that I was under the impression that the bus driver was speeding when Faith fell into her pathway. This only made sense to me since her  rear tire was almost 60 feet past the body. It’s also in the police report that she knocked Faith about additional 11 feet further which would of made that back tire 70 feet from the impact. I was even more horrified when I received the report that she was only going 6 to 11 MPH while veering left of center.  I had a young man send me this on November 13th 2014. I did not understand it totally until recently. All the children outside the bus said she was speeding and I wondered how in the hell can she be only going 6 to 11 MPH while looking at Faith and not stop. This is exactly what these children were trying to tell me. The GPS does not read exact speed, it is delayed. You can tell when you are in a car. Turn on your GPS and accelerate. You will notice that it takes a few seconds for the GPS to catch up to the speedometer. The children heard her gassing the vehicle, revving up the engine in disgust apparently that Faith was slowing her down and ran her over!



The graphic’s below is another report from the Ohio State Police moments before Faith is killed. This plainly shows that the bus is moving but the GPS is reporting NO speed at all! It also shows that all the children realizes that there is something wrong with Faith stumbling around unsteady. She is now off of the sidewalk and into the grass at this point towards the street. The following are the Ohio State Patrols comments, not mine!



school bus driver dont care


The Bus Drivers Driving Record

I feel compelled to let everyone know these facts so that you know what your children are subjected too and what the screening process is if any for these drivers. This is also another parent that reached out to me on Facebook.



 Who to talk to!

If these politicians fight for anything I think our children should be the most important. Call them, email them, tell them what you think. What you do makes a difference in their minds! Contact them NOW and tell them about the corruption in this case, maybe we can save some kids!

Contact Senator Schiavoni
1 Capitol Square, 3rd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 466-8285 


Contact Congressman Tim Ryan
241 West Federal Street
Youngstown, OH 44503
(330) 740-0193



Contact Governor John R. Kasich
77 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215-6117
(614) 466-3555 



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3 thoughts on “Shocking Evidence for Faith McCulloughs Case”

  1. These reports sicken me that this bus driver is still driving our children,
    My children attend Struthers schools if I ever find out this psycho is subing and is in my district I will go after the school system. I’ve lost 2 children I’ll be damned if I loose another one because they let with murder around my children!!!!

  2. Oh hell no this can’t go on that have enough just from a little of what i just read to easily put vehicular homicide any way you look at it keep fighting if you don’t win in sure someone is going to do what should have been

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