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Youngstown Schools Why You Should Homeschool

People usually take the path of least resistance. The is why I highly recommend home schooling in Youngstown Ohio if you care about your child’s safety or education. The education system in Youngstown Ohio is failing the children on many different levels. The terms used to describe the dire situation in Youngstown is “Academic Distress“. Even when they get nearly straight A students they do not care about their safety and they are killed like Faith McCullough. Faith McCullough comes from a background of home schooling but wanted to try public school in the year 2014 that only led to her death.

Academic Distress in Youngstown

The academic distress that the people are feeling here comes from the leadership. It seems all they want to do is brag about what they are doing all the time but that does not get any results. I believe that there are good teachers in Youngstown however, are their hands tied by their bosses?

What is the problem with Youngstown Education?

Simply put the willingness to care. Laziness and complacency seems to be the norm when it comes to the leadership. Lying to the public as well is very evident. No actions taken for the cause of child safety in and well being in a timely manner. Teachers try but get no support from the leaders. All the leaders want to do is defend what they are doing wrong over and over again.

Youngstown City Schools are in such a mess that he would like to shut them down and replace them with a great charter school. – Quote from Vindicator

The above quote was taken from a Vindy article about the mess that Youngstown Schools are in.


Youngstown city schools seem to be a joke both on the educational level as well as a child safety level. I think people look at this system like its such mass chaos the only answer seems to be to dissolve it and start again from the bottom up. I think that would be a great idea for both the welfare and education of our children here in Youngstown Ohio. I also think that another look at the governmental authorities would be in order. Their willingness to accept negligence is sickening.

If you would like to enroll or get your child involved with home schooling please see this post. How to Enroll In Homeschooling.

It would be nice also if all the homeschooler’s can get together and make their own support group. There are many different things that you can do but leadership is necessary when homeschooling. This will be good for both parents and students because it will teach you new techniques for learning as well. 🙂



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