Sign the petition for Justice in Youngstown Ohio for Faith McCullough. Make sure you confirm your email address after signing, you will receive a confirmation after you sign to confirm! Check your spam if you now have recieved an email confirmation. Confirmation is just as important as signing the petition. Please share on all your social media pages!

This website was made for the Angels of Youngstown who believe in real justice for all like the Constitution of the United States clearly says. This website is here to defend the innocent and give a safe place for Youngstown Angels to reside. We have witnessed the corruption in Youngstown at the top levels only to oppress and not give the people of Youngstown real justice they deserve. Even murder and killing has been overlooked by these officials and the people of Youngstown need a voice. This website will be here for those people who wish to right the wrong in this town. There are many beautiful people in Youngstown who desire justice and a safe place to live and the authorities in Youngstown Ohio have FAILED in every way to provide them what they justly deserve. Our children in Youngstown ohio are in danger of losing their lives at the hand of negligent officials. This website is for those who demand accountability on the part of those officials and their employees.

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  1. God bless you Max, for being a positive in such a negative world! We need more people like you in the area to help promote a safer environment for our children. Im with you 100%

  2. Signed and sharing so I can get others to sign, this is such a great thing you are doing Max….and may Faith rest in peace knowing sooooo many ppl also want justice done for her tragic death…..I know I sure do….thats some BS about that bus driver….but, I’ll leave all that in Gods hands…..

  3. Signed. I’ve already spoken plenty about how I feel about this & I can’t imagine the sense of betrayal & insult you guys feel at it being called “unavoidable” but maybe the only bright spot in this will be that we can help uncover & stop the corruption in Youngstown so that Faith won’t have been killed in vain.

  4. Hey max and faith, my prayers are with you all, I’m so sorry that you are even having to have this signed for the safety of children what is our world coming, well I wish you the best of luck my signature is in and I will be sharing <3

  5. I’m praying for you and your family I really truly hope that justice will be served because you need a that closure stay strong and keep on fighting for your baby girl God bless

    1. Thank you my friend, I hope this help people understand that even though authorities are trying to cover this up as an “Unavoidable Accident”. Please understand that their willingness to create this illusion is because more than just the bus driver was responsible for this preventable tragedy. The city which not only controls the school bus company but also the Youngstown City Schools are responsible for negligence on so many levels. That is true reason why they do not want to give the People of Youngstown Justice or Faith McCullough.

  6. I’m so sorry you are having to fight for justice for your daughter, that’s inexcusable….no parent should have to fight for their child’s justice. The officials should’ve done the right thing which is placing charges on this careless bus driver immediately!!
    I’ve shared the petition and some of your shares about Faith on our “Justice For Baby Levi” page. I’m in Tennessee but we have close to 4,800 members all over the US and world. I’m hoping we can get you some signatures to help with the petition.
    May God be with you and help in seeing that justice is done!!

  7. Max, my heart breaks for you. I still cry at some of the post. I know faith is still with you. I worry about my children Monday – friday. I pray for Harley everyday. I’m so positive he is going through a lot and one day he is just going to spit it all out. Thank you for being such an awesome dad. There are not many of them. But u been there for your kids since the beginning. THANK YOU for showing us how to be strong and fight back with courage instead of falling apart and leading to violence. I stand behind you 110%.

  8. I’m so glad I got to be a part of the benefit on Saturday night. Your boys have a beautiful spirit and I know your family will get through this with the support of each other. You will all remain in my thoughts and prayers. You all deserve nothing but peace. I

  9. Max, I have not met you and I haven’t seen Karen in many years…but I am so sorry this has happened…I am praying that your family receives comfort and eventually peace…I hope the authorities (if you can call them that) shake the mud from their minds and do something about this…my love to your family…

  10. Max you and family & most of all Faith deserve justice for all this you are definitely a courageous man for doing all your doing and Faith would be proud of he Daddy for sure just watching her videos I know how much she adored you and you her as well… your family are in my thoughts & Prayers always <3

  11. How in Gods name do they see that justice should not be served to the bus driver. When had it been one of their children the would have prosecuted to the full extent of the law.No child deserves to die in vain. No parent should have to bury their child especially one so young and innocent. Children are our future without children we would not have a future to look forward to. I have signed the petition and will stand by you and your family til the end to see that justice is served. You should also make a petition on change.org. God Bless you and your family. I will be praying for you and for justice for Faith.

  12. I’m very sorry for your loss. It outrages me that this has happened. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. This issue should not be carrying on like it is. You have my support. I have 4 kids myself. I can only imagine what you and your family are feeling and going through. God bless you all.

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