What sucks about High School and Makes Home School Great

One of the things that really sucked when I got to high school is the fact they took RECESS off of us! Is this a wise decision? Well I hated it. Recess was a time to let loose, it was a time to run and play. Recess was my favorite part of school.

Elementary School

You know how when you’re in elementary school and they want you to solved equations like E=mc2. They also want you to spell things like australopithecus, Canis lupus familiaris, and Equus grevyi? YEAH THATS RIGHT YOU NEED RECESS AFTER THAT!

High School

OK so when you get to high school they say, “NO MORE RECESS?” Give me a break man! I went through hormone changes, frustration level went up, got irritable leg syndrome from having to sit at my desk for hours. To sum it up it was a total nightmare without recess!

Home School

Homeschool rocks. We can have two 15 minute recesses. The ability to be able to go outside and let loose is part of a great learning experience. Kids are safer and learn more!

NOTE: This article has been endorsed by high school students everywhere! Give us some recess people, we need it!

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So Thankful Youngstown People Who Support Child Safety

Thankful Youngstown People Who Support Child Safety in general. Many themselves have had to suffer injustices but still try to do the right thing. I am proud to be friends with these people.

My Goal is Child Safety for All Children in 2015-2016 Coming School Year

Parents, the school year of 2015 – 2016 is fast approaching. I know that child safety weighs heavily upon your mind. You also know that many people who work with your children’s safety could care less about it. This is why you must take a stand for your children’s safety.

Case in Point About Teachers

There was a young lady who wrote an article in her school newsletter about child safety and what happened to Faith. Her teacher asked her in a sarcastic way, “How in the world could we make schools any safer for kids?” keep in mind that this is only months after Faith was killed. Of course the majority of teachers do not agree with this person at all, however the complacency with child safety is still there!

How Can We Make Schools Safer?

  1. Do NOT let walkers walk until all the school buses are loaded and gone!
    • Really this is common sense isn’t it? Why do school’s try to let a walker outrun a school bus?
  2. Screen School Bus Drivers safety records and safety inspection reports. If they are not doing what is required get rid of them!
  3. Get rid of anyone and everyone who opposes child safety in school zones that are in charge of child safety. Sounds stupid but its TRUE!
  4. Citizens take a stand and report ANY unsafe actions. It is easy now with the faithmcculloughfoundation.com website and app.

Bus Driver Qualifications

Below is a real bus driver with a heart of gold and determination. She stops that bus to make sure its in order before she proceeds and tells the kids what’s important. If you afraid to do something like this then you should not be a School Bus Driver. Ironic that whoever uploaded this video “Crazy White Lady Bus Driver”. Should be called “Awesome School Bus Driver!

Now if you still think that your children are safe alone with their school bus drivers check out these videos.

So what can we do to make schools safer? I’ll be here for you folks when you need me in 2015-2016 School Year! ! 😉

How To Enroll In Online School

Why enroll in home school?

Home schooling has been the choice of many parents over the years for a variety of reasons. For some parents and caregivers who are able to stay at home with their children, it is more convenient than dealing with bus stops and travel issues and offset schedules for different aged children. Home schooling allows you the peace of mind knowing that your children are safe and eliminates many of the problems our children face today with negative interactions like bullying, intimidation, fighting and harassment that occurs at bus stops, on buses and at school. Whether you are a stay at home parent or caregiver or you have someone who can watch over your child in the security of your own home, home school is an ideal option for providing your child a quality education without the risk of leaving your child in the hands of individuals who may not have their safety or best interests in mind. When it comes to your child’s learning, YOU HAVE A CHOICE!

How to get started with home school!

There are more options available today for online schools. An online search will show what you have available in your area. This article will go through the steps for OHDELA. OHDELA is a great virtual online school that is easy to use and the staff is friendly and helpful to work with you every step of the way. Parents and caregivers can get started by visiting ohdela.com and clicking enroll now at the top of the page or by calling 800-493-8680.

OHDELA home school enroll

When you click enroll now on OHDELA.com you will be asked to fill out a short contact form with your name, phone, email, number of children you would like to enroll and what time of day you prefer to be contacted.

OHDELA is government funded so there is no cost to you, and OHDELA provides all the tools your child needs for learning including computer, printer, online books and technical support. There are a few items that you will need to enroll your child in the program just like regular school. These items include the child’s birth certificate, social security card and immunization records. You will also need to provide a current utility bill for proof of residence and your photo ID. You will be asked to fill out an application that will cover all of the basic information for your child. This application will have record release forms for information from the child’s previous school.

What happens after I apply for OHDELA?

Once your application is complete and verified, you will be given a school login. Each child will have their own login and the parent or caregiver will have a login as well. A computer and printer will be shipped directly to you for each child enrolled. When the items arrive you will open them and login on the computer with the child’s login for the first time. At this point the computer is set up and ready to go you simply connect to your internet connection and then open the browser. If you have trouble at any point in time you can call OHDELA Tech Support at 800-493-8680 extension 1 and the staff will walk you through the steps.

Signing in to the dashboard!

When you open the browser it will be automatically on the OHDELA login page. Have your child login with the username and password that was provided and this will open the main dashboard.

ohdela student login

One of the first tutorials that will be available will take you through the steps of how to interact with the dashboard and where all of the resources are located. If your child’s classes are not set up at first, you can contact the advisor that was assigned to your child in the setup process or contact Tech Support. If you are making a transition during the school year, it may take a day or so to have the classes set up depending on how quickly you received your computer.

Where are my classes?

From the OHDELA student dashboard the classes will be located at the top section on the left. To return to the main page of the student dashboard at any time, the student can click the “My School” link in the top right corner of the page.

ohdela how to find classes

Other sections of interest on the main dashboard include the Messages center in the top right corner where students will receive messages from their teacher and can email the teacher with any questions they have.

ohdela read messages

On the right side of the dashboard is a section that will provide the number for Tech Support as well as a link to submit a support ticket directly if it is outside of the Tech Support business hours which are from 7AM to 7PM Monday through Thursday and 7AM to 6PM on Friday.

OHDELA tech support

How to complete assignments!

OHDELA automatically logs the hours your child spends doing their work from when they are logged into the Edgenuity system. To get to Edgenuity from the main dashboard, your child will click on the class they will be working in on the classes section of the dashboard. This will open up a page for that class that shows their main links, who their teacher is, how to contact their teacher, their class schedule and a link to enter the online virtual classroom.

ohdela complete assignments

Edgenuity can be entered from any main class page. Once entered in Edgenuity, the student can choose which class they want to do assignments for to access what they need to complete. The student can view the Course Map to see how far along they are in each class.

ohdela assignment course map

It is important to remember to sign out of Edgenuity whenever the child is going to stop for a while or be away from the computer. When the student signs out, Edgenuity saves the student’s work that has been completed and updates the school for the time that they have spent working on that section.

Supportive and Friendly Staff!

From starting at the enrollment process to working with different teachers and needing Tech Support, I have always found the staff at OHDELA to be polite and helpful. The teachers contact me whenever they have a question or to check on my children’s progress. Tech Support has always worked quickly to solve any issue I have had with connections and hardware. I highly recommend OHDELA for any family in Ohio that is looking to transferring their children into the virtual school life.

ohdela tuition free home school