Response about HOAX on Youngstown Angels

There is no HOAX as they say on the news. A HOAX is a completely fabricated story or joke. The post made on Youngstown Angels was not a HOAX or anything fabricated.



This morning I awoke to a disturbing message on my facebook. As many of you know this is the anniversary of Faith’s death. The message that I received is below. Keep in mind we are talking about “Yesterday’s News”.

message from facebook
message from facebook

If you received a message like this what would you do? Especially on the anniversary on your daughter’s death who was killed in a school zone by a school employee during school hours? I wanted to help so I responded as below.

facebook messages
facebook messages
more facebook messages
more facebook messages


This is not a HOAX, this is a real parent with real questions. I also had some girls come to my house that gave me this text message and told me that it happened in Campbell.

Campbell Ohio Guns in School


This brought on the post below in order to find out information. THIS WAS NOT A HOAX BUT A QUESTION to find out what was going on. Obviously this parent that had a child in Campbell did not know even after calling them. She was not the only one there were several people with questions.

Are we not allowed to question what happens with our kids in school? Really? What a disturbing tactic to administer. So make sure before you post?  I was talking about yesterday’s news! Never once did Youngstown Angels say that there was a future threat at a school. We cannot inquire what is going on? Hogwash!


A concerned parent found out that a Campbell elementary school girl carried a gun in her purse to school yesterday. However this incident did not make it to any News headlines or even the parents that have children in the school.

…a lil girl Brought a gun to campbell elementary in her purse and the school didn’t have a lock down or even call to let the parents know.

Parents Concerns

The parent who revealed this information is very concerned that things like this are ignored. They state,

“I feel very upset that this happened and I feel like call the school anonymous or ask what’s going”.

Are Schools Ignorant?

Does the educational system have the responsibility to report safety issues to the parents? If a child misses class or late they have the technology to report that. Why are schools not reporting dangers to the parents?

The Rest of the Story

Supposedly she was framed n now she is jail. I know her she is a good lil girl. So i dont know wats going on but the school kept it quiet

Since this story developed yesterday there has been no report or comments about this incident. The parents blindly send their children to school thinking they are safe. Let people know how you feel by voting below.

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Campbell Ohio Elementary Student Brings Gun To School?


It Appears We Were Misinformed about The School’s Location

The location of the school is Volney Rogers Middle School

Volney Rodgers
Volney Rogers

Here is the complete story on WFMJ


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Campbell Ohio Guns in School
Campbell Ohio Guns in School

How I Deal With Problematic Kids Think Tank

Dealing with problematic kids is not easy. There have been more than a few people that think that abusing a problematic kid is OK. In reflection of the last post on this website I have read several comments of people who expressed the desire that problematic kids need to be abused.

The Problem of Control

There is no one on this earth that is in control. If one thinks they can control another human being then they are suffering from a great delusion. We have a better chance at controlling the wind than we do in controlling another human being.

Controlling high school kids is futile. Here a person is dealing with many belief systems and prejudices.  A person in authority in such a situation should not deceive themselves into thinking they can control it. If they think this way then such a person will fail not only the students but themselves.

Immaturity vs Maturity

The immature think they are in control. Such a person deceives themselves. If such a person is in a position of authority they deceive the ones they oversee. Eventually this false sense of security will catch up to them and their empire falls.

Rejection of the System

Trying to put the wind in a box is the same as trying to control a child. Some people have put up videos of children beating up their teachers as proof that these children need to be beaten. I do not agree. Some people think that blaming the parents is the answer. However, a child may not act this way in front of their parents. Child rearing does start at home but every family is different are they not?

Culture shock from a home life to a structured school life can be too much for some kids. They can get into trouble as they try to adjust to the change. Once they get into trouble they then begin to believe they are failures. The domino effect begins from elementary school to high school. The system failed the kid, now the kid is resentful to the system.

Solution #1 Compassion

If a person in authority fails to have compassion for the kids this will be their fundamental flaw. A compassionate person will listen and try to understand the world though the other individuals eyes.

Solution #2 Empathy

Do not confuse sympathy with Empathy. If you show sympathy to a child they will hate you. Pity or feeling sorry for someone with sympathy accomplishes nothing and is insulting to the one it is shown to. Empathy however is the ability to “understand” the child and their feelings.

Solution #3 Listen

If a person thinks they have it all figured out they are fooling themselves. No one has it all figured out. Just listen to a child’s story, do not offer solutions while they are talking. Let them finish telling you what their problem is. Every child is different even if they are from the same family.

Solution #4 Guide & Be Adaptable

The only thing adults can do with children is guide them. We can guide the wind we cannot control it. The interest, challenges  and talents of every child differs. We must be adaptable. Sticking to a rigid paradigm will make you fall.

Solution #5 Do Not Aggressively Confront

Aggressively confronting someone including children only put them on the defensive. One can throw bull shit laws, policies and rules out the windows that they have been comfortable with all their life. Everything that you as an adult have learned about right and wrong become very subjective when you are trying to convince someone that does not understand or does not agree. Refer to the above 4 solutions.

Children are anarchist at heart, they do not want to be bound by laws, rules and policies that make no sense to them. They want to be helped and guided, not controlled. If children feel oppressed we can expect to have a very violent town in the future. If they feel guided and helped you can expect to have a very fruitful society in the future.

Solution #6 When All Fails

If a person is at a loss on what to do with a child then one must admit defeat and failure. Get another job!

So You Wanna Be A Teacher

A very noble and sacrificing way of life. It is NOT a job, it is a career choice. A career is a way of life not a job. The greatest quality a teacher can have is “Adaptability”. A teacher is more of a minister or pasture than a ruler or a boss.

  • You want to work with children? Refer to solutions 1 to 5.
  • If you do not possess these natural qualities and skills, do not be a teacher.
  • If you want to play blame games, do not be a teacher.
  • If you want an easy life, do not be a teacher.
  • If you do not want to be accountable, do not be a teacher.

A Monster Behind The Wheel Of A School Bus in Youngstown

Is there a Monster behind the wheel of a school bus in Youngstown Ohio? Well you decide. I have been on a long road this year trying to keep my sons occupied. If you give them idle time, their mind reflects upon their sister Faith and her horrible death. I always try to direct their minds to the good times that they had with Faith because everyday one spent with Faith was happy. One thing that they cannot get through their heads is the fact that authorities in Youngstown really do not care. However I let my sons know that this is not normal or decent. It is a real challenge trying to accomplish this. I am sure in their minds they are like me and look upon them with disgust and amazement.

My concern for the safety and well being of the children of Youngstown grows each and every day. I knew this woman was careless and negligent but to what extent I did not know until recently. It really amazes me that the Youngstown School District are really not putting it together.

Unavoidable Accident?

So I have been saying all along that the investigators are wrong, wrong and more wrong in Youngstown Ohio. However most of the Youngstown People have been saying that as well. Our independent investigation revealed many things, some we knew of and some we didn’t. However is there any use of sharing it with a crackpot investigation team ?

Below is a graphic of a facebook post of the driver who killed Faith McCullough. Keep in mind this is the first day of school, the attitude is disgusting to say the least. This post was made after she killed Faith McCullough.

monster school bus driver
monster school bus driver

I can just imagine some poor kid being a couple seconds late running towards the bus and her gassing on it and laughing. For those of you who think this attitude is new see the rest of the posts on this website. In this comment, is she saying she is not stopping that bus for any kid especially a high school kid? I think we know the answer to that question.

Also remember that a school bus is long, very long. If she gasses on it and the child reaches the tail end of the school bus trips and falls, what then?

There are countless things that you can get out of this comment. It would make any normal persons stomach turn. The only ones laughing are her, the prosecution team, Youngstown School Board and dont forget the Mayor!

Stomach Curdling Excerpts

  • “…What they fail to realize…”
  • “…I’m not on it…”
  • “… We can try again tomorrow…”

A Shout Out To Other School Bus Drivers

There are some very good bus drivers in Youngstown. Unlike the crackpot prosecution team, I can distinguish a careless driver from a careful one. I know having to drive beside this negligent driver has been hard on them as well and I just wanted to mention it. That being said I think it is important that we as a community need to be wise in our reactions to school bus drivers yet at the same time know that we have to protect our children. Protecting our children is more important than any job.

So Thankful Youngstown People Who Support Child Safety

Thankful Youngstown People Who Support Child Safety in general. Many themselves have had to suffer injustices but still try to do the right thing. I am proud to be friends with these people.

My Goal is Child Safety for All Children in 2015-2016 Coming School Year

Parents, the school year of 2015 – 2016 is fast approaching. I know that child safety weighs heavily upon your mind. You also know that many people who work with your children’s safety could care less about it. This is why you must take a stand for your children’s safety.

Case in Point About Teachers

There was a young lady who wrote an article in her school newsletter about child safety and what happened to Faith. Her teacher asked her in a sarcastic way, “How in the world could we make schools any safer for kids?” keep in mind that this is only months after Faith was killed. Of course the majority of teachers do not agree with this person at all, however the complacency with child safety is still there!

How Can We Make Schools Safer?

  1. Do NOT let walkers walk until all the school buses are loaded and gone!
    • Really this is common sense isn’t it? Why do school’s try to let a walker outrun a school bus?
  2. Screen School Bus Drivers safety records and safety inspection reports. If they are not doing what is required get rid of them!
  3. Get rid of anyone and everyone who opposes child safety in school zones that are in charge of child safety. Sounds stupid but its TRUE!
  4. Citizens take a stand and report ANY unsafe actions. It is easy now with the website and app.

Bus Driver Qualifications

Below is a real bus driver with a heart of gold and determination. She stops that bus to make sure its in order before she proceeds and tells the kids what’s important. If you afraid to do something like this then you should not be a School Bus Driver. Ironic that whoever uploaded this video “Crazy White Lady Bus Driver”. Should be called “Awesome School Bus Driver!

Now if you still think that your children are safe alone with their school bus drivers check out these videos.

So what can we do to make schools safer? I’ll be here for you folks when you need me in 2015-2016 School Year! ! 😉

More Roadblocks Made By Our Justice System in Youngstown Ohio

Do you believe in the justice system in Youngstown Ohio? After viewing articles like this one I am convinced that there is something going on here that is just deplorable. As a concerned citizen I really think it is time to replace some key people involved with the governmental processes here in Youngstown.

Probate Court in Youngstown

Faith McCullough has one of the best attorneys that money cannot buy. He has been practicing law for over 20 years and is licensed to practice law in several states. However the court system here required Faith’s sister to sign papers before we could proceed. Not only just one paper but 2 concerning Faith’s estate. We have given these people more than enough to proceed but now we are waiting on the Judge to sign me as administrator?

Who Is Stalling This Process?

Attorney: Everything is filed with the court. The estate is opened however a Judge has not yet signed the Order appointing you as administrator. 1:57 PM
Me: is it normal for them to take this long? 1:58 PM
Attorney: Nothing is normal in Youngstown 2:00 PM
Me: Geez, thanks. These people are unreal 2:01 PM
As you can see my attorney has been through hell with these people in this case involving Faith McCullough. They send papers back to him several times stalling the case over and over again. From the very beginning of this process there has been nothing but one heap of BS upon another. If you really think that the law here cares about justice then just look at the other posts on this website.

What Can Youngstown People Do?

When I read things like YOUNGSTOWN – THE “MOST CORRUPT CITY IN AMERICA” DOC I can’t believe that it is true. There is a video on that post and at the end of the video I think Kelly Pavlik hit the nail on the head when he said the following. “It takes the people in Youngstown”.

Yes the people of Youngstown can make the difference. However the fact that shady things that are happening in our government currently should not be ignored.

Remember that next election season the current officials have done NOTHING for Faith McCullough a 14 year old killed by a school bus in a school zone during school restricted hours by a school employee. Do you really think they will do anything for you? Do you think they will do anything for the people of Youngstown? If you cannot stick up for a child and give her justice I don’t think anyone will get justice in Youngstown with the current elected officials!

I am looking for Candidates

I am looking for candidates to endorse and promote for upcoming elections. We want real justice in Youngstown Ohio not some fly by night involved with corruption, racketeering and more. I am at the point where I do not trust any of these elected officials! They try to patronize with sympathy instead of seeking real justice that people in Youngstown here need! Youngstown does not need sympathy, they need real people taking the lead and making good decisions on behalf of the people and especially our children.

Many children have told me they can’t wait until they are 18 so they can get the hell out of Youngstown. I don’t want our children to go. I want them to feel safe in their city. I want people to VOTE so we can make a change. I want good men and good women to run for office and give us someone to vote for. If you know anyone running for office that is a good and virtuous person please let me know. I will do all I can to help them!

Thanks for reading!



The charges are as follows:

John McNally
1 count engaging in corrupt activity
2 counts conspiracy
2 counts bribery
6 counts tampering with records
9 counts perjury
1 count money laundering
2 counts telecommunication fraud
2 counts theft in office.
2 counts unlawful compensation
3 counts disclosing confidential information
4 counts prohibited acts

Michael Sciortino
1 count engaging in corrupt activity
2 counts conspiracy
2 counts bribery
4 counts tampering with records
6 count perjury
1 count money laundering
2 counts unlawful compensation
4 counts prohibited acts
1 count engaging in corrupt activity

Martin Yavorcik
1 count engaging in corrupt activity
2 counts conspiracy
3 counts bribery
4 counts money laundering
17 counts tampering with records



Angels We Need Your Help Again! Child Abuse at East High?

Yesterday I received a disturbing message from Facebook from a mother who is very concerned about her son. Keena Hardy wrote me the following message.

Hello Maximus how are you hoping all is well. I was writing to ask you about a petition my son was involved in a shoving match at school on Monday and the cop that was working at the school basically used unnecessary roughness that didn’t have to be done all because when he was told to sit my son refused. They say he was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and while in cuff the cop slammed my sons head causing his lip to get busted a knot in his head and his front tooth missing. We already have people involved trying to investigate but everything that happened to my son was done out of the camera view and they are telling me that my son did the damages to his face by himself. I’m sorry it’s just so hard to believe. So I was thinking I should start a petition to get signed to see something done to this cop that was involved. The only problem I have is knowing where do I start from it how to get it started didn’t mean to be a bother but I just feel like the unnecessary violence needs to end somewhere. Thank you

As you could imagine my heart skipped a beat or two after reading this. I asked her if she would come down to my office so I could get more details about this. The details shocked me so I decided to do a video about this. Let me start out by telling you that this is a very nice family, the children are very respectful and kind and full of hugs and laughter. It kills me that good families have to fear for their children’s safety at school. The very people that we put in charge of our children’s safety are sometimes the causes of why they are not safe. We are starting a petition to have that security officer removed from service. Manhandling our children is NOT acceptable behavior! We want this case fully investigated and not pushed aside. I hope the school board will continue their child safety efforts and bring to justice the ones responsible for inflicting injury on this child!

Child Abuse at East High School Child Abuse at East High School Child Abuse at East High School

My Viewpoint

The children at East High are good kids. They have taken a stand against bullying and more. However after hearing this story and my own experience it seems like we can include certain members of the staff in the Bully list! Sure children are going to do things that are not right, they are children. A 13 year old boy afraid with adrenaline rushing needs to be calmed down, not have his head thrown down on a table!!! This is nothing more than child abuse and the people that are responsible need to be brought to justice. Threatening disorderly conduct of a 13 year old boy is ludicrous! Please sign the petition to have these people responsible for child safety answer for their crime!

The following petition will go to the principal of East High School. If we do not get any results there we will go above his head!

[emailpetition id=”4″]


Changes Being Made at East High School Youngstown Ohio

Do you remember this pole sticking out of the ground?

East High School Pole Sticking Out of the Ground


Well here is that same spot today, rusty pole sticking up out of the ground is gone! Yaaa!

changes at east high school youngstown ohio (3)



Here is a closer view so you can see how deep that rusty post was in the ground.

rusty pole at east high youngstown ohio

An do you remember this dangerous hillside that we all said needed a fence?

Youngstown School Board Negligence (9)


Well now we can see the poles being put in place either for a chain link fence or something of that nature.

changes at east high school youngstown ohio (1)


Although I do praise the ones making this happen I will not forget what was done to my daughter Faith McCullough. Yes this should of been done a long time ago when they built the school however I am happy to see that all the childrens safety at East High will be taken seriously.

Faith McCullough Memorial


The responsibility to keep our children safe does not stop there. It is every one of us who drive by these children. Yesterday there was a child riding their bike down the driveway on my street. She stopped at the end of the driveway but her front bike tire was still on the road. I did what any concern  citizen would do and I STOPPED my truck and told her to get back from the street so I can pass. I never did take any chances when it came to children’s safety and we need school bus drivers THAT DO NOT TAKE CHANCES WHEN IT COMES TO CHILD SAFETY!

Children on my street play basketball in our street, ride bikes in our street because they feel safe. My neighbors and I take child safety seriously because we are responsible adults. We do not take chances with their lives. I have the best neighbors in the world, I do not just regard them as neighbors but my Family! I wish all school bus drivers would regard the children they drive around as their family, that would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Finally Installing a Fence at East High School Youngstown Ohio

I am glad to see the fence being installed. People taking responsibility for child safety really warms my heart. Although I will never have my baby girl back I know that this is a step in the right direction. It is never too late for child safety and I am glad that others are sharing my viewpoint on this matter. Children at East High School in Youngstown Ohio, WE DO CARE ABOUT YOU!

Will I continue my Child Safety Evangelism?

Your damn right I will, its not something I just do, it is a way of life for me. I will continually inspect and create awareness of any dangers our children are facing. We have and we will make a difference.  Yes many school children are reaching out to me every day and I welcome them ALL!

Justice for Faith McCullough

I also will never quit trying to get justice for my beautiful daughter that was killed by a NEGLIGENT SCHOOL BUS DRIVER! Yes I have many children that tell me how afraid they are that the same bus driver is still driving around them. This is still inexcusable, she will have to answer for her actions in court soon.

justice for faith