Faith McCullough Never Had A Chance with A Crack Pot Prosecution Team

Well after three months I finally had to call the prosecution team to hear the story from their mouths. Ironically when I sat down to hear their explanation of why killing Faith was no ones fault. Lieutenant Ross spoke up, “We are not going to talk about the case with you”. I had to wonder why the hell was I there? All I wanted was for them to explain this report that the Ohio State Patrol made. Was that too much to ask?

ignorant school bus driver
Ross then becomes more and more ignorant with me even staring me down at times. We made our mind up and we are 100% sure that there was no crime here. Law director Humes also agreed with him. Lieutenant Butler spoke up and said that he agreed that there should be an independent investigation done. Finally some guy with a little sense, I thought. After first agreeing with Ross Dana Lantz then said that she agreed with Butler about seeing an independent investigation. I said that since Ross and Humes were 100% sure we need to leave them out of this investigation and with good reason too. Ross said, “Why should we waste the city’s resources on this. I thought to myself, I am sitting in front of a crack pot prosecution team. No wonder crimes is on the rise here, the officials don’t even care!

School Bus left of center
Does that school bus look like it was left of center to you?

I can’t believe how Ross would try to stare me down like I was the criminal here. He looked at me as if I was wasting his time, unreal! In fact he was ignorant with me throughout the entire investigation. They all said from the very start that this was an “unavoidable accident”. They did not care about the truth. The truth is in that picture above. They were not willing to discuss any of it with me, pathetic! Incompetent police work on the part of Ross was very evident to me. “We have our experts” Ross said. Oh really who are the experts? I asked. The Ohio state Patrol he replied. Oh the ones that gave you that piece of evidence that the bus was increasing in speed and veering left while a child was approaching the road way? I told them when a dog or a cat approaches the roadway I stop, why is it not against the law to stop for a child in a school zone? Pathetic!


Did they consult an expert driver? NO! They consulted “experts” that had no experience driving a commercial vehicle! Ross kept telling me over and over again, “I am the Commanding Officer”. I thought to myself, no wonder Faith never had a chance for justice with him in command!

Strawman Arguments

Now what is even more shocking is the fact that they want to presume that I am just a grieving father that is looking for someone to blame. Are you serious? Of all the stupidity that I can possibly imagine this has got to take the cake. I asked a simple question, “What makes this OK that a school bus driver in a school zone can increase speed and veer left when they plainly see a child approaching the roadway?” They said that never happened. The picture above says something much different. This is our government in Youngstown? They do not even know how to read evidence?

More Crap From Our Government

So now a friend of mine told me that the police are going around and asking about me and my character. What do you think Maximus is going to do, do you think he will do something illegal? My friends are shocked that the police would even ask such a thing. In case they want to know what I do, they can come and ask me themselves but not one of them did! Can you say corruption?  This situation goes from bad to worse!

Release of Evidence

Oh and to top it all off they are going to release the pictures of my daughter smashed all over the road with her brains spilling out of her skull. This is going to be public evidence for you all to see and read everything about it so you can see that the driver was innocent? I can’t wait to get ahold of Nancy Grace or someone like her when this all goes public!

To Top It All Off

I have said continually and I still do, I do not believe in violence I believe in intellectual meeting of the minds. However the prosecution told my attorney that I can expect a restraining order from harming the bus driver that killed Faith. I have never condoned violence, never had it in my past even when my son died I never resorted to violence. An intellectual meeting of the minds is what I encourage and if they can’t handle it then they should not be in the positions that they are in. I am sure that the prosecution is behind this restraining order, however it was me that silenced everyone about who the bus driver was. I have never even mentioned her name publicly. It is educating the  rest of the bus drivers about child safety and our responsibility to keep them safe is what I am interested in. I cannot bring Faith back, I wish I could, but I can use this experience to help save the other kids that are future victims of these negligent officials!

You can be sure that Ross will be on me

Although I am not afraid to die at all, I am sure that I will be under the watchful eye of Lieutenant Ross. He made sure my daughter did not get justice I am sure he will not mind if I don’t get justice as well. Is he sending out his police officers to try and get something against me?, how incomprehensible! I am a friend of the police I am just NOT a friend of Ross!

friend of the police




In all honestly they make a great defense team but they have no business being prosecutors! 😉

Thank you for reading 🙂

3 thoughts on “Faith McCullough Never Had A Chance with A Crack Pot Prosecution Team”

  1. Maximus I have to agree with you, that is one crack pot of an investigation team. I am a prosecutor. They should of explained to you the reason why they arrived at the conclusion they did because the piece of evidence that you have is incriminating. I would have prosecuted on that alone, very inexcusable. Sorry for your loss!

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