swat team at east high youngstown

Fight cancels class at Youngstown East High School

Fight at Youngstown East High School Classes Canceled As A Result

The students at East High School were sprayed with pepper spray. The innocent and the guilty at the same time! Can you image? This took place Tuesday March 8th 2016.


According to a comment on WKBN the SWAT team was called to resolve the situation.  They blocked all the doors, no one was allowed out or in according to the article.

swat team at east high youngstown
swat team at east high youngstown

The Article Blames the Kids and Parents

They blame the kids and parents in this article. When will this school ever take responsibility for their actions? I have been with a bunch of kids from East High also the parents. They have been with me and in my home and never fought. They are kind and respectful.When they are with their parents they do not fight. When they go to this school what happens to them? When are people going to wake up and see it is the management at this school that is the problem. We have a principal that thinks its OK to jump in and rumble with the students. We have a school that thinks they are “Sovereign” and they are not responsible for whatever happens to your kids at school. ITS THE LEADERS AT THE SCHOOL THAT ARE THE PROBLEM! GAWD! THE ONLY PLACE THESE KIDS GET IN TROUBLE AT ARE AT SCHOOL!!! CONNECT THE DOTS PEOPLE!!!!!! DONT TRUST THESE IGNORANT PEOPLE WITH YOUR CHILDREN! THEY WILL FAIL YOU AND YOUR CHILD LIKE THEY HAVE DONE SO MANY TIMES BEFORE! AFTER THEY HAVE FAILED YOU AND YOUR CHILD THEN THEY WILL BLAME YOU! GET THEM IN HOME SCHOOLING AWAY FROM NEGLIGENT PEOPLE WHO NEVER CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEM. SAVE YOUR KIDS! THESE PEOPLE DO NOT GIVE A RATS ASS WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU OR YOUR KIDS. BELIEVE ME I KNOW FIRST HAND!!!

I posted the comment above on WKBN’s website but they removed it.

The School Thinks They Are Sovereign

Recently as events unfold in a different case, the school is being charged with negligence. They claim that they are “Sovereign”. Being sovereign means that they cannot be prosecuted for anything that happens to a child at school.  Could this be the issue with Youngstown Schools and why there’s so many problems?

Think About It

If the school thinks they are untouchable and sovereign they can blame anyone and anything excluding themselves from all responsibility. Do we really want to send our children to such a school?

Do Parents Have a Responsibility?

Yes parents do have a responsibility. Yet, the question remains. Why do the kids act like this at school but not at home? There is management and authority at both places are there not? I think it’s time we look at these school claiming to be “Sovereign”. Is school a place to learn or a place for dictatorship?

A Kids Nature at School

Hormones are blazing, we all know this. You are there with other kids and by nature kids put up a wall. They draw lines in the sand as it were and other kids being kids will cross those lines.

The Solution to Fights At School

Take responsibility. Look for the walls and the lines. Know the kids, not just their name but how they “feel”. Kids are NOT computers or robots. Don’t expect that from them. You will FAIL!

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