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Frightful Reality of Youngstown’s School Bus Death Trap

There is a frightful reality that we must address about the Youngstown School bus death traps. CDL drivers or those who hold a commercial drivers license will understand this post and it will probably be more shocking to them than those who hold a regular drivers licence. Let me lay the groundwork for this next shocker.

Responsibilities of a CDL Driver

When you are driving a huge vehicle down the road like a bus or a big truck you are required by law to make sure it is safe by doing a “pretrip and post trip inspection”. During these inspections you must fill out paperwork and sign your name stating that you have checked all the safety mechanisms and sign the paper. If however you find something that is not safe you must put that vehicle “Out of Service” and not endanger the public by driving it.  It is against the law to take such a vehicle out on the road that is in violation. Drivers are required to tag such a vehicle and refuse to drive it in order to keep the public safe. When I was driving a commercial vehicle I had to put vehicle’s out of service several times. The above photo is not the bus that killed Faith McCullough but it is a representation of what can happen if school bus drivers ignore pretrip and post trip inspections of the vehicle.

Out of Service Violation Examples

  • Safety lights that malfunction
  • Tire tread depth must be a certain depth
  • Emergency exits
  • Break system malfunctions.

Youngstown School Bus 54 Death Trap

After the negligent school bus driver killed Faith McCullough the bus was impounded and the Ohio Department of Transportation did a check of the bus. Their findings were astonishing. This bus should not of even been on the road! Obviously this driver either #1 failed to do a safety inspection or #2 did not care! I happen to be of the opinion that it is probably both! Also astonishing is the fact that she was not a new driver, she had been driving several years. How long has she been driving commercial vehicles this way is anyone guess. Yet the Youngstown City School board put her back on the road. She is currently driving around children and its only a matter of time before she kills again in my opinion!

Here is a snippet of the report make by an ODOT Trooper.

out of service bus 54Unsafe buses is EVIDENTLY OK with the Youngstown City School board, as long as they get their paycheck! You can help, sign the petition below!




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    1. Hi Jake, just like you are responsible for your vehicles condition while driving it down the road, CDL drivers are under a greater obligation for public safety when driving their vehicle down the road. They do have mechanics but they are NOT responsible for the safe operations of the vehicle and they are NOT responsible for the safety checks required by law for each and every CDL driver.

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