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Interesting Conversation With School Student at East High

I had a very interesting conversation with a school student at East High. The following conversation took place during school hours. In hindsight I might of not even been speaking to a student but to a someone else? Maybe even the driver? However I find it ironic that this person was able to carry on hours of conversation while he or she was suppose to be in school? Either way it does not really matter. I know now that if this was a child in the school they are neither monitored in nor outside the school on school grounds. Totally irresponsible on so many levels.

They Know My Pain as A Father of A beautiful Daughter That Was Taken From Me?

This person claims to know my pain as a father. He also says that he cares for “Human Beings” referring to the “Killer” that Killed Faith McCullough. She is still driving school bus around all your children here in Youngstown and I hear is on good terms with the school officials like nothing ever happened. This “Human Being” never apologised for her actions and entitles herself to a normal life. Even though she decimated our family! She wants to forget the fact that she is a dangerous negligent driver with no human decency at all. I mean if you killed someone’s kid would you not be moved to say “I’m sorry” or something? As disgusting as this may sound it is the truth. I guess Faith was not good enough to reach the “Human Being” status in their book!

I’m suppose to be Approachable by my Daughter’s Killer?

Many people accuse me of not being approachable by her so that is why she has not apologised to ANYONE IN OUR FAMILY?  Well it’s true I don’t want her approaching me and the only thing that she tried to do was harass us with a CPO? I mean what entitlement does this killer think she has? Not only has she killed our child but then harass us after the fact? What a marvelous human being! Yeah she can get the court to send me nasty papers but she could not send anything apologetic? Hmmm?

Oh You’re Not Going To Believe this Conversation

I have edited out the so called child’s name but let me know what you think. Is this school system trying to justify their actions? I will NEVER move on from Faith’s death, NEVER! They can, I can’t!












If anyone thinks for one minute that I will ever forget what happened to my beautiful baby girl they would be much mistaken. I think about it every hour of every day! I have many students that still contact me that go to East High and they are STILL having issues. They see that killer every day in their school and tell me about it with worrisome looks on their faces. All the data has been collected and the fight for justice for our children’s safety and justice for Faith will begin within the next few weeks.

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