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Meeting of The Angels

It is coming time to organize the Youngstown Angels. Objectives and goals are important if we are going to protect our children when they are away from us. Below is an outline for our first meeting. We will be brainstorming ways to keep kids safe and make those involved with our children ACCOUNTABLE for their safety!

  • Distribution of Flyers and Petitions
  • Getting Parents Involved
  • Getting Politicians involved
  • Partnering with Organizations concerned with Child Safety
  • Positions within the Angels
  • Ways to Fund the Angels
  • Volunteers will be required at first and then paid positions later
  • Faiths Angels and the Youngstown Angels are all owned and operated by The Faith McCullough Foundation. Non-Profit status being applied for currently.

Time and Location

Time: 10 Am Saturday February 7th 2015

Place: A1WEBSITEPRO CONFERENCE ROOM 1280 Boardman Canfield Road Boardman Ohio 44512

Meeting Notes

The meeting was a success and I will be posting the video and notes here.

I just bought a domain this morning called We are all familiar with what does by using subdomains so they can target specific cities. For example if you live in Pittsburgh Pa the domain name becomes or if you live in Youngstown Ohio the domain becomes

Using this same principal I would like any city that wants to get involved with child safety to have their own website for this purpose. For those who want to get involved with websites in their city for child safety I am going to give them the tools they need for free. A candidate will have to complete our web development strategy course and receive a 95% or higher score before they get a website on This is a very involved and detailed course so one that wishes to take on this responsibility will have to be dedicated to it.

In the course I show you how to make money with your local organization with a website, this can turn out to be a full time career for you. I also show what is important when it comes to websites and the strategy of writing. Anyone interested in this course please watch the videos below before you contact me about having a website. You can find a weath of informaiton on our website  in the blog section.

Videos for the Web Development Strategy Course

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Lesson 6

Lesson 7

Lesson 8



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