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More Roadblocks Made By Our Justice System in Youngstown Ohio

Do you believe in the justice system in Youngstown Ohio? After viewing articles like this one I am convinced that there is something going on here that is just deplorable. As a concerned citizen I really think it is time to replace some key people involved with the governmental processes here in Youngstown.

Probate Court in Youngstown

Faith McCullough has one of the best attorneys that money cannot buy. He has been practicing law for over 20 years and is licensed to practice law in several states. However the court system here required Faith’s sister to sign papers before we could proceed. Not only just one paper but 2 concerning Faith’s estate. We have given these people more than enough to proceed but now we are waiting on the Judge to sign me as administrator?

Who Is Stalling This Process?

Attorney: Everything is filed with the court. The estate is opened however a Judge has not yet signed the Order appointing you as administrator. 1:57 PM
Me: is it normal for them to take this long? 1:58 PM
Attorney: Nothing is normal in Youngstown 2:00 PM
Me: Geez, thanks. These people are unreal 2:01 PM
As you can see my attorney has been through hell with these people in this case involving Faith McCullough. They send papers back to him several times stalling the case over and over again. From the very beginning of this process there has been nothing but one heap of BS upon another. If you really think that the law here cares about justice then just look at the other posts on this website.

What Can Youngstown People Do?

When I read things like YOUNGSTOWN – THE “MOST CORRUPT CITY IN AMERICA” DOC I can’t believe that it is true. There is a video on that post and at the end of the video I think Kelly Pavlik hit the nail on the head when he said the following. “It takes the people in Youngstown”.

Yes the people of Youngstown can make the difference. However the fact that shady things that are happening in our government currently should not be ignored.

Remember that next election season the current officials have done NOTHING for Faith McCullough a 14 year old killed by a school bus in a school zone during school restricted hours by a school employee. Do you really think they will do anything for you? Do you think they will do anything for the people of Youngstown? If you cannot stick up for a child and give her justice I don’t think anyone will get justice in Youngstown with the current elected officials!

I am looking for Candidates

I am looking for candidates to endorse and promote for upcoming elections. We want real justice in Youngstown Ohio not some fly by night involved with corruption, racketeering and more. I am at the point where I do not trust any of these elected officials! They try to patronize with sympathy instead of seeking real justice that people in Youngstown here need! Youngstown does not need sympathy, they need real people taking the lead and making good decisions on behalf of the people and especially our children.

Many children have told me they can’t wait until they are 18 so they can get the hell out of Youngstown. I don’t want our children to go. I want them to feel safe in their city. I want people to VOTE so we can make a change. I want good men and good women to run for office and give us someone to vote for. If you know anyone running for office that is a good and virtuous person please let me know. I will do all I can to help them!

Thanks for reading!



The charges are as follows:

John McNally
1 count engaging in corrupt activity
2 counts conspiracy
2 counts bribery
6 counts tampering with records
9 counts perjury
1 count money laundering
2 counts telecommunication fraud
2 counts theft in office.
2 counts unlawful compensation
3 counts disclosing confidential information
4 counts prohibited acts

Michael Sciortino
1 count engaging in corrupt activity
2 counts conspiracy
2 counts bribery
4 counts tampering with records
6 count perjury
1 count money laundering
2 counts unlawful compensation
4 counts prohibited acts
1 count engaging in corrupt activity

Martin Yavorcik
1 count engaging in corrupt activity
2 counts conspiracy
3 counts bribery
4 counts money laundering
17 counts tampering with records





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