I wrote to the President of the United States

Well I wrote to the President of the United States. If you desire to help you can too here This is what I wrote him…

I also wish that the president would address Child Safety. My daughter was killed by a school bus in a school zone by a school employee. The School bus ran her over at 6 miles per hour crushing her head. Her name is Faith McCullough you can look her up. The School Board filed immunity motion not to be tried for their negligent and irresponsible acts. This was in Youngstown Ohio November of 2014. My daughter has not been the only victim of School negligence. There are literally hundred of kids going to school that will not go home to their parents at the end of the day every year. The bus driver that Killed Faith was eating sunflower seeds and not paying attention to the road IN A SCHOOL ZONE! These are the kinds of people the Youngstown School Board lets drive around on the road with a 40 thousand pound bomb. Every parent shares their pain with me on my Facebook about other children that have been killed. I have a website called dedicated to my Daughter and her unfair treatment. If your heart inclines you to do so please visit it.

I wrote to the Governor of Ohio but this fell on deaf ears. I wrote to the mayor of Youngstown and he would not even meet with me when I lived there. These people are sick and disgusting and should not be in charge of Child safety. The principal that was principal at East High School was promoted to administrator. When interviewed about the supervision of the children on a dangerous hill that led to a busy road on school property he said, “I never thought about it”. You can see my fight and struggle for justice for my daughter Faith at

God Bless everyone in the New Trump Administration.


friend responds: Max, our hearts are with you and your family. I worry that you might get consumed with hatred. Please keep your heart with your family; we are all deeply hurt. It is such a long-shot to hope for some action from the distant politicians. You did well by moving your family out of Youngstown–don’t take Youngstown with you to your mountain home.
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Maximus McCullough
Maximus McCulloughThank you for your concern. However I wish to appeal to your wisdom and understanding. No one can teach you more about hatred than the Youngstown School Board. They have proved completely and beyond the shadow of a doubt of their hatred of the Children that go to their schools. Furthermore they have proved beyond the shadow of a doubt their hatred of the parents of those Children. I have taken my family to a safer and more beautiful place but I made a promise to the people of Youngstown that I would remember their Children and their struggles. However, not only that but all the children of the United States deserve to go to School safely and have someone RESPONSIBLE for their safety. My sons go to a beautiful school now with beautiful teachers, safe bus drivers and it is a wonderful experience. I can’t help but think of my friends in Youngstown that do not have such choices. They are the ones that I worry about, they will always be in my heart. There are some beautiful people in Youngstown and I will never forget them and their struggles for justice. They deserve better.
Friend responds: The best you can do is educate them brother and you’ve done your duty. The city is on a constant decline in population. There is no money. No wealth. No jobs. No leadership. There is no system there to defeat. No battle to be won. It is an empty shell. The people who live there have no pride or confidence in the community. It is just a cheap place to sleep. Inform them, warn them, in the end it is up to them I suppose.


Maximus McCullough
Maximus McCullough Sounds like a Job President Trump can handle

Faith McCullough

Super Lice Epidemic Flooding Schools Here Is A Cure and Prevention

Lice is a nasty and embarrassing little parasite that plagues the heads of anyone. In the old days we just had Lice to deal with, today parents have “Super Lice” to deal with.

According to Fox News 25 states are affected with the super lice epidemic.

A strain of so-called ‘super lice’ has hit a reported 25 states, causing concern and frustration among parents because the bugs can’t be killed with most over-the-counter treatments. The treatments, known as pyrethroids, had a 100 percent success rate in 2000 against lice but now only work in 25 percent of cases, reported.

A new FDA-approved treatment called AirAlle, which was developed by Lice Clinics of America, has been found to be effective against the super lice, with treatments costing about $170.

What Does Super Lice Look Like and What Does It Do?

Super Lice is ugly as sin and feeds on the blood of their victims like vampires. They lay eggs called “Nits”. A good place to look for these “Super Lice Nits” are behind the ears and the back of the neck where the hair lays. Are you scratching your head yet? Yeah me too!

super lice picture

Super Lice Nits
Lice Nits
lice on skin behind ears and back of neck
lice on skin behind ears and back of neck

Lice Prevention

With head lice treatments costing $170 a head I thought it would be a good idea to tell people how they can prevent their kids from getting head lice at school. To get professional advice see a Doctor. All I can tell you is that I have never had head lice because I do this when I know people are around that have it.

Supplies for head Lice Prevention

  1. Empty Spray Bottle
  2. Listerine Mouth Wash
empty spray bottle
empty spray bottle

Pour the listerine in the empty bottle. Spray it on your kid’s head before they leave for school. If you want spray some on your own head if you’re feeling a little unsure! lol

Killing Super Lice

Killing Super Lice is no joke and it is not easy. Some families have had it up to a year. Persistence & knowledge is the key to killing this awful little bug. If shaving your head completely bald is NOT an option read on.

3 Myths About Killing Super Lice

  1. Only dirty scummy people get lice. The fact of the matter is that super lice prefer a clean head but they will take a dirty one if it is available.
  2. Over the counter medication is guaranteed to work.
  3. You only have to treat the head of the infected people.

Supplies for Killing Super Lice

  1. You need a metal super lice comb, do not get the plastic ones they are a waste of money.
  2. Get Cetaphil Skin Cleanser
  3. Get Listerine
  4. Garbage Bags
  5. Comb
  6. Hair Blow Dryer With High Heat

Execute Super Lice

OK now it’s time to get to work and kill these pesky little creatures. Here is what you need to know. Lice can live up to 72 hours with no host to feed off of. You will need to use this to your advantage. Over the counter and some prescription drugs have been known NOT to work. In the old days they used gasoline or kerosene to kill lice. However I don’t even think I need to tell you how dangerous this is.

Using this method below people that have not been able to get rid of “Super Lice” have been able to get rid of it this way permanently.

First Step In Killing Super Lice

Apply Cetaphil Lotion To Scalp

Put the Cetaphil skin cleanser into a squeezable container with a nozzle if it did not come that way. Set the infected person down on a chair and cover their shoulders with a towel. Make sure hair is dry. Start at the left top of the scalp and apply the lotion in a zigzag format all over the scalp. If you child has long hair apply as much as is needed to get all the hair covered with the lotion. 

Comb Out The Cetaphil Lotion

Wait 2 minutes for the lotion to take effect. Then get a regular comb and start coming out the lotion. Comb out as much lotion as you can, this will help in the hair drying process next. Move on to the metal comb and comb out any “Nits” that are in the hair.

Blow Dry The Hair

Now blow dry the hair on high heat. Get everything dry clear down to the scalp. Leave the hair alone and do not apply anything else overnight.

Next Day

When the victim wakes up the next day just wash the hair with regular shampoo. Afterwards you can spray on some listerine for a measure of protection.

Complete Extermination of Super Lice

The above steps only treat the scalp of the person but remember that they can live up to 72 hours without blood. This is where the garbage bags come in. Take everything that the infected victim touched and put it in a garbage bag. These items would be stuffed animals, pillows, cushions etc. Leave the in the garbage bags for at least 3 days and all the lice will be dead. Lice only lay “Nits” on the hair follicles of a scalp so you do not have to worry about nits on the pillows or stuffed animals.

Take all the clothes that the victim wore in the past 3 days and dry them for at least 30 to 40 minutes. This will dehydrate and kill all the super lice in the clothes.

Vacuum all carpets, couches and chairs in the house.

I hate these nasty bugs and I hope you do too. Being a responsible parent make sure that if you child has lice that you contain it and do not send them to school until they are clean.


Update on Faith McCullough’s Case in Youngstown Ohio

So those of you that are wanting updated about Faith’s case here it is. The final deposition was done last Wednesday. It was actually Harleys deposition. Harley said he wanted to do it so I let him. I think the defense got more than they bargained for. However now the defense may file an “Immunity Motion” which in reality means that the school and school board feels that they are not responsible for whatever happens to kids at school in Youngstown. We are waiting to see if they do this. If they do it will show us all how they feel about children’s safety at school. The only thing worse would be if the Youngstown Justice system actually granted them this “Immunity” and supported their claim that they are not responsible for child safety at the schools.

In hindsight would you believe that you would have to convince the school that they are indeed responsible for child safety?  I think we as parents often assume that school should be one of the safest places that we could send our kids.

The Ohio Department of Education decertified all district bus drivers when a review found incomplete driver and bus maintenance records as well as no documentation of driver training. – See more at:

The above article at the Youngstown Vindicator shows the attitude and complacency of the Youngstown School Busing System. In November it will be 2 years since they killed Faith McCullough with their ignorance and negligence. More and more people in Youngstown are sending their kids to Home Schooling and with good reason too. Until the Youngstown School board takes responsibility for the death of Faith McCullough sending kids to school there will be a risk.

Fight cancels class at Youngstown East High School

Fight at Youngstown East High School Classes Canceled As A Result

The students at East High School were sprayed with pepper spray. The innocent and the guilty at the same time! Can you image? This took place Tuesday March 8th 2016.


According to a comment on WKBN the SWAT team was called to resolve the situation.  They blocked all the doors, no one was allowed out or in according to the article.

swat team at east high youngstown
swat team at east high youngstown

The Article Blames the Kids and Parents

They blame the kids and parents in this article. When will this school ever take responsibility for their actions? I have been with a bunch of kids from East High also the parents. They have been with me and in my home and never fought. They are kind and respectful.When they are with their parents they do not fight. When they go to this school what happens to them? When are people going to wake up and see it is the management at this school that is the problem. We have a principal that thinks its OK to jump in and rumble with the students. We have a school that thinks they are “Sovereign” and they are not responsible for whatever happens to your kids at school. ITS THE LEADERS AT THE SCHOOL THAT ARE THE PROBLEM! GAWD! THE ONLY PLACE THESE KIDS GET IN TROUBLE AT ARE AT SCHOOL!!! CONNECT THE DOTS PEOPLE!!!!!! DONT TRUST THESE IGNORANT PEOPLE WITH YOUR CHILDREN! THEY WILL FAIL YOU AND YOUR CHILD LIKE THEY HAVE DONE SO MANY TIMES BEFORE! AFTER THEY HAVE FAILED YOU AND YOUR CHILD THEN THEY WILL BLAME YOU! GET THEM IN HOME SCHOOLING AWAY FROM NEGLIGENT PEOPLE WHO NEVER CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEM. SAVE YOUR KIDS! THESE PEOPLE DO NOT GIVE A RATS ASS WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU OR YOUR KIDS. BELIEVE ME I KNOW FIRST HAND!!!

I posted the comment above on WKBN’s website but they removed it.

The School Thinks They Are Sovereign

Recently as events unfold in a different case, the school is being charged with negligence. They claim that they are “Sovereign”. Being sovereign means that they cannot be prosecuted for anything that happens to a child at school.  Could this be the issue with Youngstown Schools and why there’s so many problems?

Think About It

If the school thinks they are untouchable and sovereign they can blame anyone and anything excluding themselves from all responsibility. Do we really want to send our children to such a school?

Do Parents Have a Responsibility?

Yes parents do have a responsibility. Yet, the question remains. Why do the kids act like this at school but not at home? There is management and authority at both places are there not? I think it’s time we look at these school claiming to be “Sovereign”. Is school a place to learn or a place for dictatorship?

A Kids Nature at School

Hormones are blazing, we all know this. You are there with other kids and by nature kids put up a wall. They draw lines in the sand as it were and other kids being kids will cross those lines.

The Solution to Fights At School

Take responsibility. Look for the walls and the lines. Know the kids, not just their name but how they “feel”. Kids are NOT computers or robots. Don’t expect that from them. You will FAIL!

What sucks about High School and Makes Home School Great

One of the things that really sucked when I got to high school is the fact they took RECESS off of us! Is this a wise decision? Well I hated it. Recess was a time to let loose, it was a time to run and play. Recess was my favorite part of school.

Elementary School

You know how when you’re in elementary school and they want you to solved equations like E=mc2. They also want you to spell things like australopithecus, Canis lupus familiaris, and Equus grevyi? YEAH THATS RIGHT YOU NEED RECESS AFTER THAT!

High School

OK so when you get to high school they say, “NO MORE RECESS?” Give me a break man! I went through hormone changes, frustration level went up, got irritable leg syndrome from having to sit at my desk for hours. To sum it up it was a total nightmare without recess!

Home School

Homeschool rocks. We can have two 15 minute recesses. The ability to be able to go outside and let loose is part of a great learning experience. Kids are safer and learn more!

NOTE: This article has been endorsed by high school students everywhere! Give us some recess people, we need it!

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Response about HOAX on Youngstown Angels

There is no HOAX as they say on the news. A HOAX is a completely fabricated story or joke. The post made on Youngstown Angels was not a HOAX or anything fabricated.



This morning I awoke to a disturbing message on my facebook. As many of you know this is the anniversary of Faith’s death. The message that I received is below. Keep in mind we are talking about “Yesterday’s News”.

message from facebook
message from facebook

If you received a message like this what would you do? Especially on the anniversary on your daughter’s death who was killed in a school zone by a school employee during school hours? I wanted to help so I responded as below.

facebook messages
facebook messages
more facebook messages
more facebook messages


This is not a HOAX, this is a real parent with real questions. I also had some girls come to my house that gave me this text message and told me that it happened in Campbell.

Campbell Ohio Guns in School


This brought on the post below in order to find out information. THIS WAS NOT A HOAX BUT A QUESTION to find out what was going on. Obviously this parent that had a child in Campbell did not know even after calling them. She was not the only one there were several people with questions.

Are we not allowed to question what happens with our kids in school? Really? What a disturbing tactic to administer. So make sure before you post?  I was talking about yesterday’s news! Never once did Youngstown Angels say that there was a future threat at a school. We cannot inquire what is going on? Hogwash!


A concerned parent found out that a Campbell elementary school girl carried a gun in her purse to school yesterday. However this incident did not make it to any News headlines or even the parents that have children in the school.

…a lil girl Brought a gun to campbell elementary in her purse and the school didn’t have a lock down or even call to let the parents know.

Parents Concerns

The parent who revealed this information is very concerned that things like this are ignored. They state,

“I feel very upset that this happened and I feel like call the school anonymous or ask what’s going”.

Are Schools Ignorant?

Does the educational system have the responsibility to report safety issues to the parents? If a child misses class or late they have the technology to report that. Why are schools not reporting dangers to the parents?

The Rest of the Story

Supposedly she was framed n now she is jail. I know her she is a good lil girl. So i dont know wats going on but the school kept it quiet

Since this story developed yesterday there has been no report or comments about this incident. The parents blindly send their children to school thinking they are safe. Let people know how you feel by voting below.

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Campbell Ohio Elementary Student Brings Gun To School?


It Appears We Were Misinformed about The School’s Location

The location of the school is Volney Rogers Middle School

Volney Rodgers
Volney Rogers

Here is the complete story on WFMJ


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Campbell Ohio Guns in School
Campbell Ohio Guns in School

How I Deal With Problematic Kids Think Tank

Dealing with problematic kids is not easy. There have been more than a few people that think that abusing a problematic kid is OK. In reflection of the last post on this website I have read several comments of people who expressed the desire that problematic kids need to be abused.

The Problem of Control

There is no one on this earth that is in control. If one thinks they can control another human being then they are suffering from a great delusion. We have a better chance at controlling the wind than we do in controlling another human being.

Controlling high school kids is futile. Here a person is dealing with many belief systems and prejudices.  A person in authority in such a situation should not deceive themselves into thinking they can control it. If they think this way then such a person will fail not only the students but themselves.

Immaturity vs Maturity

The immature think they are in control. Such a person deceives themselves. If such a person is in a position of authority they deceive the ones they oversee. Eventually this false sense of security will catch up to them and their empire falls.

Rejection of the System

Trying to put the wind in a box is the same as trying to control a child. Some people have put up videos of children beating up their teachers as proof that these children need to be beaten. I do not agree. Some people think that blaming the parents is the answer. However, a child may not act this way in front of their parents. Child rearing does start at home but every family is different are they not?

Culture shock from a home life to a structured school life can be too much for some kids. They can get into trouble as they try to adjust to the change. Once they get into trouble they then begin to believe they are failures. The domino effect begins from elementary school to high school. The system failed the kid, now the kid is resentful to the system.

Solution #1 Compassion

If a person in authority fails to have compassion for the kids this will be their fundamental flaw. A compassionate person will listen and try to understand the world though the other individuals eyes.

Solution #2 Empathy

Do not confuse sympathy with Empathy. If you show sympathy to a child they will hate you. Pity or feeling sorry for someone with sympathy accomplishes nothing and is insulting to the one it is shown to. Empathy however is the ability to “understand” the child and their feelings.

Solution #3 Listen

If a person thinks they have it all figured out they are fooling themselves. No one has it all figured out. Just listen to a child’s story, do not offer solutions while they are talking. Let them finish telling you what their problem is. Every child is different even if they are from the same family.

Solution #4 Guide & Be Adaptable

The only thing adults can do with children is guide them. We can guide the wind we cannot control it. The interest, challenges  and talents of every child differs. We must be adaptable. Sticking to a rigid paradigm will make you fall.

Solution #5 Do Not Aggressively Confront

Aggressively confronting someone including children only put them on the defensive. One can throw bull shit laws, policies and rules out the windows that they have been comfortable with all their life. Everything that you as an adult have learned about right and wrong become very subjective when you are trying to convince someone that does not understand or does not agree. Refer to the above 4 solutions.

Children are anarchist at heart, they do not want to be bound by laws, rules and policies that make no sense to them. They want to be helped and guided, not controlled. If children feel oppressed we can expect to have a very violent town in the future. If they feel guided and helped you can expect to have a very fruitful society in the future.

Solution #6 When All Fails

If a person is at a loss on what to do with a child then one must admit defeat and failure. Get another job!

So You Wanna Be A Teacher

A very noble and sacrificing way of life. It is NOT a job, it is a career choice. A career is a way of life not a job. The greatest quality a teacher can have is “Adaptability”. A teacher is more of a minister or pasture than a ruler or a boss.

  • You want to work with children? Refer to solutions 1 to 5.
  • If you do not possess these natural qualities and skills, do not be a teacher.
  • If you want to play blame games, do not be a teacher.
  • If you want an easy life, do not be a teacher.
  • If you do not want to be accountable, do not be a teacher.

Youngstown East High School Principal Crushes Student

A Youngstown East High School principal crushes a student apparently with the help of another student. Tryvan Leech, Sr. is seen below on top of a East High Student in an altercation.

east high school principal Tryvan Leech, Sr.
East High School Principal Tryvan Leech, Sr. Crushing Student Under His Weight
Youngstown East High School Principal Crushes Student
Youngstown East High School Principal Crushes Student


What Led to Principal Tryvan Leech Sr. Crushing This Student?

On Thursday October 29th Mayra Espada the mother of the teen who was crushed came to my house. She was in tears and feared for her son’s safety. She reported that her son was in an altercation at school with another teen who was taunting her son with foul language. Apparently Mayra’s son was expressing a desire to quit the football team and the other teen did not like it. Mayra’s son reported that he was hurling insults at him and demeaning terms when the altercation took place.

What Are Your Thoughts?

As I look at these pictures I cannot but help think about what was going though this principal’s mind when he decided to jump on this teen with his heavy body. Of course this man is more powerful than the teen but does this give him an excuse for excessive force and dominance? It seems this school gets away with way too much and I hope with the new school board in place they will not tolerate the abuse of students.

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This is no Way to Reach the Hearts

Brute physical force is no way to reach the hearts and minds of children. This is an old school tactic for out of date an uneducated people. The solution is NEVER VIOLENCE FOR VIOLENCE!  What kind of cave men are in charge of our children’s safety and well being at school? The pictures above disgust me on many levels. I think every parent needs to ask themselves, “What if that was your child?”.

For a principal that makes $87,560 a year I think this situation should of been handled totally different.

The Family is Looking For Help

Mayra is now afraid to send her child to school and with good reason. The family is looking for someone to represent them in this battle. Please contact Youngstown Angels if you can help this family restore their peace of mind. Youngstown Schools have gotten away with way too much and will continue this kind of behavior until they are stopped legally!

Tell Tryvan Leech sr What you think by contacting him below.

Principal:  Tryvan Leech, Sr.
Phone:  330-740-4005
Fax:  330-742-6464
474 Bennington Ave.

Youngstown, Ohio 44505

Update: More information

It is also ironic that the principal did not file a report until a week after this incident occurred. I just got off the phone with the mother and Father of the student. They reported that while the Principal was holding him down the other students were kicking him in the back and face.