Response about HOAX on Youngstown Angels

There is no HOAX as they say on the news. A HOAX is a completely fabricated story or joke. The post made on Youngstown Angels was not a HOAX or anything fabricated.



This morning I awoke to a disturbing message on my facebook. As many of you know this is the anniversary of Faith’s death. The message that I received is below. Keep in mind we are talking about “Yesterday’s News”.

message from facebook
message from facebook

If you received a message like this what would you do? Especially on the anniversary on your daughter’s death who was killed in a school zone by a school employee during school hours? I wanted to help so I responded as below.

facebook messages
facebook messages
more facebook messages
more facebook messages


This is not a HOAX, this is a real parent with real questions. I also had some girls come to my house that gave me this text message and told me that it happened in Campbell.

Campbell Ohio Guns in School


This brought on the post below in order to find out information. THIS WAS NOT A HOAX BUT A QUESTION to find out what was going on. Obviously this parent that had a child in Campbell did not know even after calling them. She was not the only one there were several people with questions.

Are we not allowed to question what happens with our kids in school? Really? What a disturbing tactic to administer. So make sure before you post?  I was talking about yesterday’s news! Never once did Youngstown Angels say that there was a future threat at a school. We cannot inquire what is going on? Hogwash!


A concerned parent found out that a Campbell elementary school girl carried a gun in her purse to school yesterday. However this incident did not make it to any News headlines or even the parents that have children in the school.

…a lil girl Brought a gun to campbell elementary in her purse and the school didn’t have a lock down or even call to let the parents know.

Parents Concerns

The parent who revealed this information is very concerned that things like this are ignored. They state,

“I feel very upset that this happened and I feel like call the school anonymous or ask what’s going”.

Are Schools Ignorant?

Does the educational system have the responsibility to report safety issues to the parents? If a child misses class or late they have the technology to report that. Why are schools not reporting dangers to the parents?

The Rest of the Story

Supposedly she was framed n now she is jail. I know her she is a good lil girl. So i dont know wats going on but the school kept it quiet

Since this story developed yesterday there has been no report or comments about this incident. The parents blindly send their children to school thinking they are safe. Let people know how you feel by voting below.

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