Ignorance is Bliss to those who claim Innocence by It

This website is made for the Angels of Youngstown Ohio who are sick and tired or the Authorities taking a complacent stand when it comes to justice in this town. They like to use terms like unavoidable accidents to justify the death of a child when they are killed in school zones by school employees. Ignorance is no excuse for child safety.

In the post below we see Faith McCullough seconds before she is killed by the driver. We see the children standing up in the bus, hanging out the window. This woman is oblivious to everything going on around her or she just don’t care. In this picture we see that she has a clear view of Faith falling towards the bus even looking at her, she is steering left at supposedly 10 miles per hour and accelerating instead of stopping the bus which would of saved Faiths life. Is this the kind of person you want driving around your children? The picture below was 1 of many pieces of evidence offered me as an excuse why it was just an “unavoidable accident”. This is definitely NOT an accident but a preventable tragedy as we see here in this picture. The ignorance and incompetence of the authorities to NOT prosecute is unforgivable and does not represent the beautiful people in this town the way that they should be represented! Remember that those are the Ohio State highway Patrols comments underneath the picture, not mine! It was Youngstown City Officials who said that this was an “Unavoidable Accident”. Please sign our petition below and if you wish you can call them and tell them what you think! 330.742.8791 Dana Lantz Deputy Law Director/City Prosecutor



If you want to read the eyewitness statements the further prove negligence on behalf of this driver you can visit this post.  

Dana Lantz Deputy Law Director/City Prosecutor
Jeffrey Moliterno Assistant Law Director
Concetta Precurato Assistant Secretary/Legal
Joni Stewart Assistant Secretary/Legal
Kathleen Thompson Assistant Law Director