People Who Support Child Safety

So Thankful Youngstown People Who Support Child Safety

Thankful Youngstown People Who Support Child Safety in general. Many themselves have had to suffer injustices but still try to do the right thing. I am proud to be friends with these people.

My Goal is Child Safety for All Children in 2015-2016 Coming School Year

Parents, the school year of 2015 – 2016 is fast approaching. I know that child safety weighs heavily upon your mind. You also know that many people who work with your children’s safety could care less about it. This is why you must take a stand for your children’s safety.

Case in Point About Teachers

There was a young lady who wrote an article in her school newsletter about child safety and what happened to Faith. Her teacher asked her in a sarcastic way, “How in the world could we make schools any safer for kids?” keep in mind that this is only months after Faith was killed. Of course the majority of teachers do not agree with this person at all, however the complacency with child safety is still there!

How Can We Make Schools Safer?

  1. Do NOT let walkers walk until all the school buses are loaded and gone!
    • Really this is common sense isn’t it? Why do school’s try to let a walker outrun a school bus?
  2. Screen School Bus Drivers safety records and safety inspection reports. If they are not doing what is required get rid of them!
  3. Get rid of anyone and everyone who opposes child safety in school zones that are in charge of child safety. Sounds stupid but its TRUE!
  4. Citizens take a stand and report ANY unsafe actions. It is easy now with the website and app.

Bus Driver Qualifications

Below is a real bus driver with a heart of gold and determination. She stops that bus to make sure its in order before she proceeds and tells the kids what’s important. If you afraid to do something like this then you should not be a School Bus Driver. Ironic that whoever uploaded this video “Crazy White Lady Bus Driver”. Should be called “Awesome School Bus Driver!

Now if you still think that your children are safe alone with their school bus drivers check out these videos.

So what can we do to make schools safer? I’ll be here for you folks when you need me in 2015-2016 School Year! ! 😉

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