A Monster Behind The Wheel Of A School Bus in Youngstown

Is there a Monster behind the wheel of a school bus in Youngstown Ohio? Well you decide. I have been on a long road this year trying to keep my sons occupied. If you give them idle time, their mind reflects upon their sister Faith and her horrible death. I always try to direct their minds to the good times that they had with Faith because everyday one spent with Faith was happy. One thing that they cannot get through their heads is the fact that authorities in Youngstown really do not care. However I let my sons know that this is not normal or decent. It is a real challenge trying to accomplish this. I am sure in their minds they are like me and look upon them with disgust and amazement.

My concern for the safety and well being of the children of Youngstown grows each and every day. I knew this woman was careless and negligent but to what extent I did not know until recently. It really amazes me that the Youngstown School District are really not putting it together.

Unavoidable Accident?

So I have been saying all along that the investigators are wrong, wrong and more wrong in Youngstown Ohio. However most of the Youngstown People have been saying that as well. Our independent investigation revealed many things, some we knew of and some we didn’t. However is there any use of sharing it with a crackpot investigation team ?

Below is a graphic of a facebook post of the driver who killed Faith McCullough. Keep in mind this is the first day of school, the attitude is disgusting to say the least. This post was made after she killed Faith McCullough.

monster school bus driver
monster school bus driver

I can just imagine some poor kid being a couple seconds late running towards the bus and her gassing on it and laughing. For those of you who think this attitude is new see the rest of the posts on this website. In this comment, is she saying she is not stopping that bus for any kid especially a high school kid? I think we know the answer to that question.

Also remember that a school bus is long, very long. If she gasses on it and the child reaches the tail end of the school bus trips and falls, what then?

There are countless things that you can get out of this comment. It would make any normal persons stomach turn. The only ones laughing are her, the prosecution team, Youngstown School Board and dont forget the Mayor!

Stomach Curdling Excerpts

  • “…What they fail to realize…”
  • “…I’m not on it…”
  • “… We can try again tomorrow…”

A Shout Out To Other School Bus Drivers

There are some very good bus drivers in Youngstown. Unlike the crackpot prosecution team, I can distinguish a careless driver from a careful one. I know having to drive beside this negligent driver has been hard on them as well and I just wanted to mention it. That being said I think it is important that we as a community need to be wise in our reactions to school bus drivers yet at the same time know that we have to protect our children. Protecting our children is more important than any job.

Frightful Reality of Youngstown’s School Bus Death Trap

There is a frightful reality that we must address about the Youngstown School bus death traps. CDL drivers or those who hold a commercial drivers license will understand this post and it will probably be more shocking to them than those who hold a regular drivers licence. Let me lay the groundwork for this next shocker.

Responsibilities of a CDL Driver

When you are driving a huge vehicle down the road like a bus or a big truck you are required by law to make sure it is safe by doing a “pretrip and post trip inspection”. During these inspections you must fill out paperwork and sign your name stating that you have checked all the safety mechanisms and sign the paper. If however you find something that is not safe you must put that vehicle “Out of Service” and not endanger the public by driving it.  It is against the law to take such a vehicle out on the road that is in violation. Drivers are required to tag such a vehicle and refuse to drive it in order to keep the public safe. When I was driving a commercial vehicle I had to put vehicle’s out of service several times. The above photo is not the bus that killed Faith McCullough but it is a representation of what can happen if school bus drivers ignore pretrip and post trip inspections of the vehicle.

Out of Service Violation Examples

  • Safety lights that malfunction
  • Tire tread depth must be a certain depth
  • Emergency exits
  • Break system malfunctions.

Youngstown School Bus 54 Death Trap

After the negligent school bus driver killed Faith McCullough the bus was impounded and the Ohio Department of Transportation did a check of the bus. Their findings were astonishing. This bus should not of even been on the road! Obviously this driver either #1 failed to do a safety inspection or #2 did not care! I happen to be of the opinion that it is probably both! Also astonishing is the fact that she was not a new driver, she had been driving several years. How long has she been driving commercial vehicles this way is anyone guess. Yet the Youngstown City School board put her back on the road. She is currently driving around children and its only a matter of time before she kills again in my opinion!

Here is a snippet of the report make by an ODOT Trooper.

out of service bus 54Unsafe buses is EVIDENTLY OK with the Youngstown City School board, as long as they get their paycheck! You can help, sign the petition below!




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Youngstown Officials Cannot Identify A Victim

Much to my dismay and to many other’s, Youngstown School officials and Prosecutor do not know how to identify a victim. Is it just me or does anyone else realize the the victim is NOT the bus driver but Faith McCullough? I dont see the bus driver or her children lying in a casket with friends and family devastated. I want to point out that the School District orchestrated this thing perfectly from the beginning to deceive the public from identifying who the real victim is! We have the leader of this manipulation on the news telling everyone how he is going to get help for the School Bus Driver and OH YEAH the family too! I believe his name is Doug Hiscox but I am not sure.

Doug Hiscox
Hiscox was hired under a 12-month contract that carries an annual salary of just under 99-thousand dollars. Source http://www.wfmj.com/story/15072720/hiscox-named



Hiscox said the bus driver will not be driving until the investigation is complete.

“We will have a team in place in the building tomorrow morning for the students coming back to school. There will be an intervention going on with the family too. And the bus driver will be taken care of through our program here that we have for that,” Hiscox said.

Intervention? Hmm I wonder what he meant by that? Your guess is as good as mine.

I wonder if Dougie boy like so many others think that this guy is a victim too that needs his help?



I find this so disturbing that a Youngstown School Board Official could confuse something like this. Look at this photo the day of the PREVENTABLE TRAGEDY you can almost see what they are coming up with as a plan to deceive the public. There in the background we see Dougie and his boys discussing a plan, one guy is on the phone possibly saying? “Hey I got a great idea, lets make everyone the victim here including the bus driver so we can get out of this thing scott free!”

stements from the children and driver


Well true to Dougies word he did help the Bus driver, so much that he and his cohorts would not release a drug screen of the driver to the investigators without a warrant and got her a school bus driving job back BEFORE THE POLICE INVESTIGATION WAS EVEN OVER!!!! Also interesting is watching these video’s where he is commenting on getting help for the school bus driver and oh yeah the family too! Gee thanks Doug Hiscox, your a real pal! Check out the interviews at WKBN where Dougie is so concerned about the school bus driver.

We don’t need pity, we need Justice!

Its people like Dougie and his buddies that continually, say “This family needs your help and support”, when what he is really saying is “Pity them because we really don’t give a crap what happens to their children! We need our jobs and paycheck!”

We don’t need pity, we need justice and safety for our children in Youngstown Ohio Dougie! Why can’t you see that? NO bull ca ca excuses from the school board or Youngstown officials! We don’t want to think our children are safe in your care, we NEED to know they are safe! You and your buddies obviously FAILED in every way shape and form. You disgust me to great lengths! Do us all a favor and fire yourself!

Here are some people that Agree with Dougie and the School Board






driver statement



The School Board Focus is NOT on child Safety 1st!

On the website for the school board we see the superintendents focus for the year 2015. I thought that maybe they might address school safety? Possibly address the real issues and concerns of parents? Was that their goal? Children cannot go to school when they are dead! I got this from their website. Their is nothing in that letter about child safety! Here is their power point plan for the year, NOTHING IN HERE ABOUT CHILD SAFETY! PPT http://www.ycsd.org/SuperintendentsOffice.aspx

what about child safety in Youngstown Ohio


 If I were superintendent

Many do not know this but my cousin is a superintendent. I will not release his name but he is totally disgusted with these people. I have to imagine if I were superintendent what would be my first priority especially after a fatal incident where a child was killed in a school zone by a school bus by a school employee. No doubt CHILD SAFETY would be my primary concern. I would address it head on and not try to ignore it like the people on this school board are doing! Here is what I propose!

  1. Child Safety First Priority
  2. Screening school bus drivers!
  3. Easy way for concerned citizens to report anything unsafe.
  4. Address parents concern about safety issues and bullying in school
  5. After these are addressed then Education advancement and what we see on their power point.
  6. Help parents with educating their children.
    1. I know from personal experience that getting myself involved with my childrens school work is effective.
    2. Encourage a daily conference with parents and kids to see what they are learning. NOT JUST MOM’S but DAD’S TOO.

By The Way

By the way I don’t know anything that the school board or Dougie boy did for our family but I know he sure helped out that bus driver! 😉

Shocking Evidence for Faith McCulloughs Case

When the “Preventable Tragedy” happened I got thousands of emails. One in particular disturbed me to a great deal. Many knew that I was under the impression that the bus driver was speeding when Faith fell into her pathway. This only made sense to me since her  rear tire was almost 60 feet past the body. It’s also in the police report that she knocked Faith about additional 11 feet further which would of made that back tire 70 feet from the impact. I was even more horrified when I received the report that she was only going 6 to 11 MPH while veering left of center.  I had a young man send me this on November 13th 2014. I did not understand it totally until recently. All the children outside the bus said she was speeding and I wondered how in the hell can she be only going 6 to 11 MPH while looking at Faith and not stop. This is exactly what these children were trying to tell me. The GPS does not read exact speed, it is delayed. You can tell when you are in a car. Turn on your GPS and accelerate. You will notice that it takes a few seconds for the GPS to catch up to the speedometer. The children heard her gassing the vehicle, revving up the engine in disgust apparently that Faith was slowing her down and ran her over!



The graphic’s below is another report from the Ohio State Police moments before Faith is killed. This plainly shows that the bus is moving but the GPS is reporting NO speed at all! It also shows that all the children realizes that there is something wrong with Faith stumbling around unsteady. She is now off of the sidewalk and into the grass at this point towards the street. The following are the Ohio State Patrols comments, not mine!



school bus driver dont care


The Bus Drivers Driving Record

I feel compelled to let everyone know these facts so that you know what your children are subjected too and what the screening process is if any for these drivers. This is also another parent that reached out to me on Facebook.



 Who to talk to!

If these politicians fight for anything I think our children should be the most important. Call them, email them, tell them what you think. What you do makes a difference in their minds! Contact them NOW and tell them about the corruption in this case, maybe we can save some kids!

Contact Senator Schiavoni
1 Capitol Square, 3rd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 466-8285 


Contact Congressman Tim Ryan
241 West Federal Street
Youngstown, OH 44503
(330) 740-0193



Contact Governor John R. Kasich
77 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215-6117
(614) 466-3555 



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Eyewitness Statements Voices Of Children and Driver

The following are statement taken from East High School children on and off the school bus. Here are the facts about these statements.

  • None of them are licensed CDL or Commercial Drivers Licensed Holders which receive special training to ensure the safety of children and especially pedestrians.
  • Most or all of them do not hold a valid drivers licence.
  • None of them have any or very little experience driving.
  • They are all behind the driver on the bus.
  • None of them can observe as well as the driver of the bus, mirrors, viewing area etc.
  • The bus driver knew that her vehicle is longer than a car or pickup truck.

Please notice that even these children realize rolling down a hill will make one dizzy and disoriented. Too bad the professional school bus driver did not put this together in her “professional driving mind”. The following student notices Faith losing her balance and witnessed her “tumbling” and falling into the street, BEFORE THE BUS HIT HER AND WENT AN ADDITIONAL ALMOST 60 FEET! ALL THIS AT 6 TO 11 MPH??


Yeah she cried and felt so bad she did not even send a card or any kind of condolence to the family. I believe in hindsight she was not crying because of what she had done she was crying because she was feeling sorry for herself. She did not care about Faith or  Faith’s Family and if this was just an “Accident” why did she not send her condolences then? Although she was responsible for what happened to Faith she could care less for the family as her actions showed this even after the investigation was over. 


In this next child’s statement they also acknowledge that rolling down the hill made Faith dizzy. They also “assume” the school bus driver did not see Faith coming towards the road disoriented.



Finally a third eyewitness statement from a child that still observed that Faith was dizzy BEFORE THE BUS HIT HER!


The icing on the cake, The School bus Drivers statement.

Notice she admittedly says, “I NOTICED HER STUMBLING IN MY SIDE MIRROR”. Instead of stopping at 6 MPH she gassed it veered left into an oncoming lane and accelerated for an additional 60 feet!!!! She also says, “I NOTICED A GIRL ROLLING DOWN THE HILL ALONG SIDE OF ME. SHE WAS DOING THIS YESTERDAY”.  Never reporting it to the school and if she did the school never reported it to us, Faith’s parents!

driver statement


Here is a picture that I shared before with the Ohio State Patrol’s comments underneath. Please remember it was the officials in the City of Youngstown that do not want to press charges. In this picture we see her looking right at Faith and veering left and instead of stopping the bus she is gassing it. Going to teach this little girl a lesson for playing on the hill. I am sure that if it was her child she would of stopped that bus at all cost! In her statement she said Harley was helping her up as she was passing. What a liar!

ignorant school bus driver


In the video evidence we see Faith getting closer and closer to the road way. Many of us when we see a dog getting closer and closer to a roadway we slow down and stop if necessary. Not this woman, Faith is nothing more than a piece of trash to her as well as all children are. She increases speed, veres left and hits her. Many of us would not even do this to a kitten or a dog.  Just look at those kids standing up and hanging out the window. Yeah she really cares about the safety of our children, NOT!

I also want to point out that there were vehicles behind the bus that observed what was happening the day and did stop. The fact that the bus driver saw Faith is apparent from her statement to the police. However instead of stopping and protecting her from the other vehicles behind her she veers left into an oncoming lane. Possibly hoping that if she does not hit her maybe a car behind her would. When I got to the scene minutes after the “Preventable Tragedy” there were cars stopped at least 25 to 30 feet back from the body! To me this further shows the complete negligence on the part of that horrific driver!

An experiment for you!

The next time that you are in your vehicle go 6 to 10 mph and see how long it takes you to stop. You will notice that it is immediate. The fact of the matter is that this driver does not want to stop at all and she is STILL driving a school bus. She could care less about the safety of children or the horror that she brings to families and communities. Unfortunately the officials in Youngstown Ohio feel the same way she does!



Unavoidable Accident or Accident or Preventable Tragedy

Unavoidable Accidents

  • Getting Stuck by Lightening
  • Having a Meteor Falling on your Head
  • A Tire blowing out on your vehicle while driving resulting in an accident
  • Instant Break Failure that leads to an unavoidable accident.
  • A hail stone that smashes through your windshield causing you to wreck.

{by the way you will still be cited for break failure or tire blowing out if they result in an accident }

Accident or Preventable Accident

  • Failure to react
  • Spilling a cup of coffee
  • Rear ending someone
  • Running a stop sign
  • Failure to Yield
  • Texting while driving

Preventable Tragedy

  • Hitting a child in a school zone at 10 MPH causing their death.
  • Shooting someone in the back of the head from a misfire.
  • Drunk Driving that leads to death.
  • Not paying attention while driving and killing someone.
  • creating a Dangerous environment for children to play at after school.
  • Ignoring Dangerous Hazards where school children play.

Why this Cause is important for the People of Youngstown and Their Children’s Future

So many people feel like the person below. This was a statement taken from WKBN’s website in the comments section.

Wow, what a disgusting joke of a city that place is. I’m so glad I moved out of there a few years back. This is heartbreaking, and unfortunately not all that surprising that they didn’t file any charges…”

And still another person from Youngstown makes this heart-wrenching joke about the death of Faith McCullough. Which reflect a terrible light on this city and the beautiful people in it. For those of you that don’t know “Lol” means “Laughing out Loud”.

“Lol was this the first time reading this guy’s has to be u do not know the facts save your toxicities cause this poor man is a victim of stupidity. children pushing other children next to a busy street I live here well tbh 5 min away horrible accident guys probably crying himself to sleep every night wasn’t a plot ed murder accident plain and simple

{by the way “that busy street” was an active school zone}

Exploiting the good People of Youngstown

As you can see this is on WKBN’s website for the entire world to see. Our Prosecutor and Officials have exploited this town as an ignorant people who could care less if someone is killed or children’s safety. I know that this is not the case with most people here. I have found that this is a small percentage of people here. Most people in Youngstown are very loving caring people and are disgusted at the ignorance of officials in this town and the ugly people that support them.

The way the world portrays us has much to do with our future as a city. If people feel that this city is full of mindless, brainless thugs then this will be detrimental to our city. In fact people that are attracted to such a city are criminals and we do not want to attract them, do we?

How you can help

Would it not be nice to educate the prosecutor of Youngstown about the meaning of these words? You can help. Print out the form below which is our petition to have justice done in the “preventable tragedy of Faith McCullough”.  Please print it out and have your entire family, friends and neighbors sign it. Please send it to me Maximus McCullough PO Box 79 Marienville Pa 16239 so that I can collectively send the petitions to the prosecutors office.

youngstown-angels-petition Download and print.

If you want me to mail you the petitions please fill out the form below.

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Ignorance is Bliss to those who claim Innocence by It

This website is made for the Angels of Youngstown Ohio who are sick and tired or the Authorities taking a complacent stand when it comes to justice in this town. They like to use terms like unavoidable accidents to justify the death of a child when they are killed in school zones by school employees. Ignorance is no excuse for child safety.

In the post below we see Faith McCullough seconds before she is killed by the driver. We see the children standing up in the bus, hanging out the window. This woman is oblivious to everything going on around her or she just don’t care. In this picture we see that she has a clear view of Faith falling towards the bus even looking at her, she is steering left at supposedly 10 miles per hour and accelerating instead of stopping the bus which would of saved Faiths life. Is this the kind of person you want driving around your children? The picture below was 1 of many pieces of evidence offered me as an excuse why it was just an “unavoidable accident”. This is definitely NOT an accident but a preventable tragedy as we see here in this picture. The ignorance and incompetence of the authorities to NOT prosecute is unforgivable and does not represent the beautiful people in this town the way that they should be represented! Remember that those are the Ohio State highway Patrols comments underneath the picture, not mine! It was Youngstown City Officials who said that this was an “Unavoidable Accident”. Please sign our petition below and if you wish you can call them and tell them what you think! 330.742.8791 Dana Lantz Deputy Law Director/City Prosecutor



If you want to read the eyewitness statements the further prove negligence on behalf of this driver you can visit this post.  

Dana Lantz Deputy Law Director/City Prosecutor
Jeffrey Moliterno Assistant Law Director
Concetta Precurato Assistant Secretary/Legal
Joni Stewart Assistant Secretary/Legal
Kathleen Thompson Assistant Law Director