Campbell Ohio Elementary Student Brings Gun To School?


It Appears We Were Misinformed about The School’s Location

The location of the school is Volney Rogers Middle School

Volney Rodgers
Volney Rogers

Here is the complete story on WFMJ


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Campbell Ohio Guns in School
Campbell Ohio Guns in School

A Monster Behind The Wheel Of A School Bus in Youngstown

Is there a Monster behind the wheel of a school bus in Youngstown Ohio? Well you decide. I have been on a long road this year trying to keep my sons occupied. If you give them idle time, their mind reflects upon their sister Faith and her horrible death. I always try to direct their minds to the good times that they had with Faith because everyday one spent with Faith was happy. One thing that they cannot get through their heads is the fact that authorities in Youngstown really do not care. However I let my sons know that this is not normal or decent. It is a real challenge trying to accomplish this. I am sure in their minds they are like me and look upon them with disgust and amazement.

My concern for the safety and well being of the children of Youngstown grows each and every day. I knew this woman was careless and negligent but to what extent I did not know until recently. It really amazes me that the Youngstown School District are really not putting it together.

Unavoidable Accident?

So I have been saying all along that the investigators are wrong, wrong and more wrong in Youngstown Ohio. However most of the Youngstown People have been saying that as well. Our independent investigation revealed many things, some we knew of and some we didn’t. However is there any use of sharing it with a crackpot investigation team ?

Below is a graphic of a facebook post of the driver who killed Faith McCullough. Keep in mind this is the first day of school, the attitude is disgusting to say the least. This post was made after she killed Faith McCullough.

monster school bus driver
monster school bus driver

I can just imagine some poor kid being a couple seconds late running towards the bus and her gassing on it and laughing. For those of you who think this attitude is new see the rest of the posts on this website. In this comment, is she saying she is not stopping that bus for any kid especially a high school kid? I think we know the answer to that question.

Also remember that a school bus is long, very long. If she gasses on it and the child reaches the tail end of the school bus trips and falls, what then?

There are countless things that you can get out of this comment. It would make any normal persons stomach turn. The only ones laughing are her, the prosecution team, Youngstown School Board and dont forget the Mayor!

Stomach Curdling Excerpts

  • “…What they fail to realize…”
  • “…I’m not on it…”
  • “… We can try again tomorrow…”

A Shout Out To Other School Bus Drivers

There are some very good bus drivers in Youngstown. Unlike the crackpot prosecution team, I can distinguish a careless driver from a careful one. I know having to drive beside this negligent driver has been hard on them as well and I just wanted to mention it. That being said I think it is important that we as a community need to be wise in our reactions to school bus drivers yet at the same time know that we have to protect our children. Protecting our children is more important than any job.

Does Your Kid Mean Anything To You?

It is interesting to me that people think it is important that Maximus “moves on”. This reminds me of another saying, “Thats what they say”.  These two quoted terms are something that intelligent people hardly ever use. They are so ambiguous and people custom to using these terms are usually at a loss for thoughts or words.  There are some that made the statement that “Maximus will never heal if he keeps this up”. Then they go on with some disingenuous concern for our family almost to the point of attempted patronizing. Let me tell you something about Maximus, he does not want to heal at all, he very satisfied with bleeding and pain. This is something a real father does not mind doing for his children and I have witnessed this through the years on several occasions. He works his ass off every day and I am glad he is the father to my children!

Here is something else you may not know about Maximus. He will never quit, not even if it kills him. I witnessed him teaching Faith never to give up. He taught her that she was free and put a drive in her much like that of his own. Faith died free spirited and playing without a care in the world so to speak like children should be. The high quality of protection that she received from her father was only expected of others when they were in charge of her safety, but they failed her and as of this day they refuse to admit it.

So if you want your children protected as I want mine you will not have anyone more driven for this cause than Maximus. He not only thinks outside the box he thinks outside of this world sometimes. His opponents never know what they have coming at them. You would know that if you read his book Touched by Death. Accountability for our childrens safety is every parents concern. I miss Faith so much, going to the store, the mall or just a walk in the park. She was amazing and I am so proud that I am her mother.

If it were not for Maximus I would have crumbled to the point of not being able to function. He is a true and natural born leader but a minister at the same time. He admires a humble lifestyle one that I could not at first understand but I do now. If you want accountability for your children sign the petition that we have on this website.

As far as the prosecution team in Youngstown I find it deplorable that they choose not to prosecute. It is if they see themselves as judge, jury and executioner. It is my understanding that it is their job to prosecute all crimes committed in the city. Lieutenant Butler even called it a “Crime Scene” and “Crime Scene Photos”. What they should do is prosecute then let the defense do their job! They are not suppose to be a “defense team” they are suppose to be a “prosecution team” and they fail miserably at that.

-Karen Leaf

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