What sucks about High School and Makes Home School Great

One of the things that really sucked when I got to high school is the fact they took RECESS off of us! Is this a wise decision? Well I hated it. Recess was a time to let loose, it was a time to run and play. Recess was my favorite part of school.

Elementary School

You know how when you’re in elementary school and they want you to solved equations like E=mc2. They also want you to spell things like australopithecus, Canis lupus familiaris, and Equus grevyi? YEAH THATS RIGHT YOU NEED RECESS AFTER THAT!

High School

OK so when you get to high school they say, “NO MORE RECESS?” Give me a break man! I went through hormone changes, frustration level went up, got irritable leg syndrome from having to sit at my desk for hours. To sum it up it was a total nightmare without recess!

Home School

Homeschool rocks. We can have two 15 minute recesses. The ability to be able to go outside and let loose is part of a great learning experience. Kids are safer and learn more!

NOTE: This article has been endorsed by high school students everywhere! Give us some recess people, we need it!

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