Let the Children See You Bleed For Them

Connie Hathorn and Doug Hiscox the school superintendents of Youngstown really have only one problem. They need a reality check to start off with. Children don’t care about professionalism, that does not impress them at all! They want you to be real and care for real about their well being and safety. Its going to take more than a button on your website. Its going to take more than a suit and tie event. Its going to take genuine concern for them! You know what would impress these children, I’ll tell you! Take a 16 lb sledge hammer over to the East High School and bust that rusty pipe sticking out of the ground! Then grab a shovel and a pick and clear off that sidewalk. Next get a fence and put it on that hill so children cannot sled ride down it, or roll down it or even walk down it. Hell you can even install steps for their convenience. Yeah you want to make a difference don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! Don’t have anyone else do it, YOU DO IT AND VIDEO TAPE IT!

After you convince the children that they actually mean something to you then maybe you will start to convince the teachers and parents. You’re not going to get anywhere sitting behind a desk and holding events talking about education. Do something people don’t expect you to do, CARE!

Quit trying to be professional all the time, you guys look like chump’s when you do that. Get real with people and maybe you will get more than a 3 out of 5 or a 5 out of 9 rating. If you want to make a real difference get passionate and you should remember the name of Faith McCullough and do things in her name for child safety. You have my permission!

If you want to go into your retirement with a bang listen to me. If you want to go into it like a chump then keep doing what you’re doing. I have had to apologize to my children in the past and it was not easy. Apologise to these children for not taking necessary precautions for their safety! Don’t just say it but mean it by what you do!

Faith McCullough Foundation