Youngstown East High School Principal Crushes Student

A Youngstown East High School principal crushes a student apparently with the help of another student. Tryvan Leech, Sr. is seen below on top of a East High Student in an altercation.

east high school principal Tryvan Leech, Sr.
East High School Principal Tryvan Leech, Sr. Crushing Student Under His Weight
Youngstown East High School Principal Crushes Student
Youngstown East High School Principal Crushes Student


What Led to Principal Tryvan Leech Sr. Crushing This Student?

On Thursday October 29th Mayra Espada the mother of the teen who was crushed came to my house. She was in tears and feared for her son’s safety. She reported that her son was in an altercation at school with another teen who was taunting her son with foul language. Apparently Mayra’s son was expressing a desire to quit the football team and the other teen did not like it. Mayra’s son reported that he was hurling insults at him and demeaning terms when the altercation took place.

What Are Your Thoughts?

As I look at these pictures I cannot but help think about what was going though this principal’s mind when he decided to jump on this teen with his heavy body. Of course this man is more powerful than the teen but does this give him an excuse for excessive force and dominance? It seems this school gets away with way too much and I hope with the new school board in place they will not tolerate the abuse of students.

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This is no Way to Reach the Hearts

Brute physical force is no way to reach the hearts and minds of children. This is an old school tactic for out of date an uneducated people. The solution is NEVER VIOLENCE FOR VIOLENCE!  What kind of cave men are in charge of our children’s safety and well being at school? The pictures above disgust me on many levels. I think every parent needs to ask themselves, “What if that was your child?”.

For a principal that makes $87,560 a year I think this situation should of been handled totally different.

The Family is Looking For Help

Mayra is now afraid to send her child to school and with good reason. The family is looking for someone to represent them in this battle. Please contact Youngstown Angels if you can help this family restore their peace of mind. Youngstown Schools have gotten away with way too much and will continue this kind of behavior until they are stopped legally!

Tell Tryvan Leech sr What you think by contacting him below.

Principal:  Tryvan Leech, Sr.
Phone:  330-740-4005
Fax:  330-742-6464
474 Bennington Ave.

Youngstown, Ohio 44505

Update: More information

It is also ironic that the principal did not file a report until a week after this incident occurred. I just got off the phone with the mother and Father of the student. They reported that while the Principal was holding him down the other students were kicking him in the back and face.

A Monster Behind The Wheel Of A School Bus in Youngstown

Is there a Monster behind the wheel of a school bus in Youngstown Ohio? Well you decide. I have been on a long road this year trying to keep my sons occupied. If you give them idle time, their mind reflects upon their sister Faith and her horrible death. I always try to direct their minds to the good times that they had with Faith because everyday one spent with Faith was happy. One thing that they cannot get through their heads is the fact that authorities in Youngstown really do not care. However I let my sons know that this is not normal or decent. It is a real challenge trying to accomplish this. I am sure in their minds they are like me and look upon them with disgust and amazement.

My concern for the safety and well being of the children of Youngstown grows each and every day. I knew this woman was careless and negligent but to what extent I did not know until recently. It really amazes me that the Youngstown School District are really not putting it together.

Unavoidable Accident?

So I have been saying all along that the investigators are wrong, wrong and more wrong in Youngstown Ohio. However most of the Youngstown People have been saying that as well. Our independent investigation revealed many things, some we knew of and some we didn’t. However is there any use of sharing it with a crackpot investigation team ?

Below is a graphic of a facebook post of the driver who killed Faith McCullough. Keep in mind this is the first day of school, the attitude is disgusting to say the least. This post was made after she killed Faith McCullough.

monster school bus driver
monster school bus driver

I can just imagine some poor kid being a couple seconds late running towards the bus and her gassing on it and laughing. For those of you who think this attitude is new see the rest of the posts on this website. In this comment, is she saying she is not stopping that bus for any kid especially a high school kid? I think we know the answer to that question.

Also remember that a school bus is long, very long. If she gasses on it and the child reaches the tail end of the school bus trips and falls, what then?

There are countless things that you can get out of this comment. It would make any normal persons stomach turn. The only ones laughing are her, the prosecution team, Youngstown School Board and dont forget the Mayor!

Stomach Curdling Excerpts

  • “…What they fail to realize…”
  • “…I’m not on it…”
  • “… We can try again tomorrow…”

A Shout Out To Other School Bus Drivers

There are some very good bus drivers in Youngstown. Unlike the crackpot prosecution team, I can distinguish a careless driver from a careful one. I know having to drive beside this negligent driver has been hard on them as well and I just wanted to mention it. That being said I think it is important that we as a community need to be wise in our reactions to school bus drivers yet at the same time know that we have to protect our children. Protecting our children is more important than any job.

Negligence is NOT a Crime in Youngstown Ohio According to Prosecutors

Negligence is not a crime in Youngstown Ohio according the the prosecutors and commanding officer Lieutenant Ross! It becomes very evident when the officials are negligent as well. So that is why they do not prosecute for negligence. If one negligent person prosecutes another negligent person then their negligent argument becomes null. What is more that the negligent people are in charge of your childrens safety from the bottom of the ladder and all the way to the top in Youngstown Ohio! They think that just because someone did not mean to do it that they are not guilty of doing it. The irony of it all is that negligence is a crime when it involves your “Professional Career” choice. We have ample evidence that the “Professional School Bus Driver” was totally negligent on many levels. We have given the prosecution ample time to prosecute and they refuse to do so. It is now time to go above their heads with the current evidence that we have that proves negligence to an alarming degree of even causing deaths of innocent school children!

fatal stats

Proving Negligence is a Crime in This Case

If you see children playing on a steep hillside rolling down it towards a road way with heavy traffic, would you report it? If you have any decency at all in you then you would. Why do you need a law to be decent? It is interesting that it is required by Law that the School Bus Driver Reports these things. Is there a record of her reporting this? NO! Here is the website that reveals this law!



Did the school bus driver admit she was negligent? Yes, here is her statement to the police in her own handwriting!

driver statement


It is time to have the Prosecuting Attorney’s Disbarred and for the Commanding Officer to be removed from his position

If you want to see real change in Youngstown Ohio then we must remove and replace the people at the top that desire to cover this crime up. They are evidently inept for their positions that they hold to keep the community of Youngstown safe! They have no desire even to protect children in light of this evidence that has been in front of them for over 3 months now. Lieutenant Ross and Attorney Hume both are 100% sure this was not a crime according to a conversation I had with them. That is what they told me and my attorney and the public. They evidently do not have the ability to process facts and evidence. In fact they never even questioned the witnesses that were standing with Faith and Harley but only questioned those on the school bus. They never questioned a professional driver which would of also helped them in the investigation. Yet they are 100% sure there was no crime committed here that led to Faiths death!

More evidence of Negligence

So as I have fought for justice to be done in Youngstown Ohio I have had many reach out to me. Many good school bus drivers out there that are totally appalled at what is happening in Youngstown. Here is a conversation that I had with a bus driver that drove with the bus driver that killed Faith!

school bus driver5

school bus driver4

school bus driver3

school bus driver2

school bus driver


Below are 2 petitions one to have the prosecutors removed from office because of their negligence. The other is to internal affairs to have Lieutenant Ross removed from his position.

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