The Crime of Justice in Youngstown Ohio

Youngstown City Hall is a very disappointing place to seek justice. The current Mayor hides when I requested just a phone call from him just to see if he supported the Killing of Faith McCullough and ironically I feel he does from his silence.

Now I do not know the specifics yet but somehow the school board is in bed with someone in City Hall. They must have some type of good old boys relationship, that’s all I can assume. Its been 4 months now since Faith McCullough was killed and they STILL have not given me the video tapes that were on the bus. The prosecutors are blaming it on the school board. Their last excuse was that they have to blur out the students faces on the school bus. If that was really an issue then why did they give me the Ohio State patrols report with all the students faces clearly visible? Their LACK of communication reveals to me that there is something very shady going on. Really, my daughter is killed and they tell me that it was unpreventable? Then they provide evidence to the contrary and expect me to accept that? Do they really expect me to believe that they care about what happened to Faith? Their actions scream differently! They do NOT care!

The prosecution kept telling me in my conference with them that they have to check with the school board for various things to get their OK. Excuse me? Is this the same school board that is negligent for Child Safety when Faith McCullough was killed? The school board has been fighting us all the way from the beginning. Someone from there went to my neighbors and demanded that the eyewitnesses say that this was only an accident that could not have been prevented. They refused to turn over the drug screen from the driver. They refused to keep me informed about the things that I was asking for. Someone from there came to my house the very day Faith was killed and said, “She didn’t mean to kill no kid”. referring to the bus driver. All this and more are the negligent actions of the school board and we have to rely upon them to provide the video evidence? Our day in court is coming very soon and they are gong to have to answer these questions and more.

My frustration of dealing with these people has reached its limit. Negligence on every level, before, after and during this entire experience. They have even got in the way of some of the Angels telling them they they are not allowed to request signings of petitions. Well we have over a thousand petitions signed and more every day. The crime of Justice in Youngstown will prevail, I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!

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Libra and the sign for justice are the same.  🙂

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