Unavoidable accident or preventable tragety

Unavoidable Accident or Accident or Preventable Tragedy

Unavoidable Accidents

  • Getting Stuck by Lightening
  • Having a Meteor Falling on your Head
  • A Tire blowing out on your vehicle while driving resulting in an accident
  • Instant Break Failure that leads to an unavoidable accident.
  • A hail stone that smashes through your windshield causing you to wreck.

{by the way you will still be cited for break failure or tire blowing out if they result in an accident }

Accident or Preventable Accident

  • Failure to react
  • Spilling a cup of coffee
  • Rear ending someone
  • Running a stop sign
  • Failure to Yield
  • Texting while driving

Preventable Tragedy

  • Hitting a child in a school zone at 10 MPH causing their death.
  • Shooting someone in the back of the head from a misfire.
  • Drunk Driving that leads to death.
  • Not paying attention while driving and killing someone.
  • creating a Dangerous environment for children to play at after school.
  • Ignoring Dangerous Hazards where school children play.

Why this Cause is important for the People of Youngstown and Their Children’s Future

So many people feel like the person below. This was a statement taken from WKBN’s website in the comments section.

Wow, what a disgusting joke of a city that place is. I’m so glad I moved out of there a few years back. This is heartbreaking, and unfortunately not all that surprising that they didn’t file any charges…”

And still another person from Youngstown makes this heart-wrenching joke about the death of Faith McCullough. Which reflect a terrible light on this city and the beautiful people in it. For those of you that don’t know “Lol” means “Laughing out Loud”.

“Lol was this the first time reading this guy’s has to be u do not know the facts save your toxicities cause this poor man is a victim of stupidity. children pushing other children next to a busy street I live here well tbh 5 min away horrible accident guys probably crying himself to sleep every night wasn’t a plot ed murder accident plain and simple

{by the way “that busy street” was an active school zone}

Exploiting the good People of Youngstown

As you can see this is on WKBN’s website for the entire world to see. Our Prosecutor and Officials have exploited this town as an ignorant people who could care less if someone is killed or children’s safety. I know that this is not the case with most people here. I have found that this is a small percentage of people here. Most people in Youngstown are very loving caring people and are disgusted at the ignorance of officials in this town and the ugly people that support them.

The way the world portrays us has much to do with our future as a city. If people feel that this city is full of mindless, brainless thugs then this will be detrimental to our city. In fact people that are attracted to such a city are criminals and we do not want to attract them, do we?

How you can help

Would it not be nice to educate the prosecutor of Youngstown about the meaning of these words? You can help. Print out the form below which is our petition to have justice done in the “preventable tragedy of Faith McCullough”.  Please print it out and have your entire family, friends and neighbors sign it. Please send it to me Maximus McCullough PO Box 79 Marienville Pa 16239 so that I can collectively send the petitions to the prosecutors office.

youngstown-angels-petition Download and print.

If you want me to mail you the petitions please fill out the form below.

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