Update on Faith McCullough’s Case in Youngstown Ohio

So those of you that are wanting updated about Faith’s case here it is. The final deposition was done last Wednesday. It was actually Harleys deposition. Harley said he wanted to do it so I let him. I think the defense got more than they bargained for. However now the defense may file an “Immunity Motion” which in reality means that the school and school board feels that they are not responsible for whatever happens to kids at school in Youngstown. We are waiting to see if they do this. If they do it will show us all how they feel about children’s safety at school. The only thing worse would be if the Youngstown Justice system actually granted them this “Immunity” and supported their claim that they are not responsible for child safety at the schools.

In hindsight would you believe that you would have to convince the school that they are indeed responsible for child safety?  I think we as parents often assume that school should be one of the safest places that we could send our kids.

The Ohio Department of Education decertified all district bus drivers when a review found incomplete driver and bus maintenance records as well as no documentation of driver training. – See more at: http://www.vindy.com/news/2016/aug/09/bus-drivers-attend-training-session/#sthash.DGbebig2.dpuf

The above article at the Youngstown Vindicator shows the attitude and complacency of the Youngstown School Busing System. In November it will be 2 years since they killed Faith McCullough with their ignorance and negligence. More and more people in Youngstown are sending their kids to Home Schooling and with good reason too. Until the Youngstown School board takes responsibility for the death of Faith McCullough sending kids to school there will be a risk.

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