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I wrote to the President of the United States

Well I wrote to the President of the United States. If you desire to help you can too here https://www.whitehouse.gov/contac. This is what I wrote him…

I also wish that the president would address Child Safety. My daughter was killed by a school bus in a school zone by a school employee. The School bus ran her over at 6 miles per hour crushing her head. Her name is Faith McCullough you can look her up. The School Board filed immunity motion not to be tried for their negligent and irresponsible acts. This was in Youngstown Ohio November of 2014. My daughter has not been the only victim of School negligence. There are literally hundred of kids going to school that will not go home to their parents at the end of the day every year. The bus driver that Killed Faith was eating sunflower seeds and not paying attention to the road IN A SCHOOL ZONE! These are the kinds of people the Youngstown School Board lets drive around on the road with a 40 thousand pound bomb. Every parent shares their pain with me on my Facebook about other children that have been killed. I have a website called Youngstownangels.com dedicated to my Daughter and her unfair treatment. If your heart inclines you to do so please visit it.

I wrote to the Governor of Ohio but this fell on deaf ears. I wrote to the mayor of Youngstown and he would not even meet with me when I lived there. These people are sick and disgusting and should not be in charge of Child safety. The principal that was principal at East High School was promoted to administrator. When interviewed about the supervision of the children on a dangerous hill that led to a busy road on school property he said, “I never thought about it”. You can see my fight and struggle for justice for my daughter Faith at YoungstownAngels.com

God Bless everyone in the New Trump Administration.


friend responds: Max, our hearts are with you and your family. I worry that you might get consumed with hatred. Please keep your heart with your family; we are all deeply hurt. It is such a long-shot to hope for some action from the distant politicians. You did well by moving your family out of Youngstown–don’t take Youngstown with you to your mountain home.
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Maximus McCullough
Maximus McCulloughThank you for your concern. However I wish to appeal to your wisdom and understanding. No one can teach you more about hatred than the Youngstown School Board. They have proved completely and beyond the shadow of a doubt of their hatred of the Children that go to their schools. Furthermore they have proved beyond the shadow of a doubt their hatred of the parents of those Children. I have taken my family to a safer and more beautiful place but I made a promise to the people of Youngstown that I would remember their Children and their struggles. However, not only that but all the children of the United States deserve to go to School safely and have someone RESPONSIBLE for their safety. My sons go to a beautiful school now with beautiful teachers, safe bus drivers and it is a wonderful experience. I can’t help but think of my friends in Youngstown that do not have such choices. They are the ones that I worry about, they will always be in my heart. There are some beautiful people in Youngstown and I will never forget them and their struggles for justice. They deserve better.
Friend responds: The best you can do is educate them brother and you’ve done your duty. The city is on a constant decline in population. There is no money. No wealth. No jobs. No leadership. There is no system there to defeat. No battle to be won. It is an empty shell. The people who live there have no pride or confidence in the community. It is just a cheap place to sleep. Inform them, warn them, in the end it is up to them I suppose.


Maximus McCullough
Maximus McCullough Sounds like a Job President Trump can handle

Faith McCullough

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