Youngstown East High School Principal Crushes Student

A Youngstown East High School principal crushes a student apparently with the help of another student. Tryvan Leech, Sr. is seen below on top of a East High Student in an altercation.

east high school principal Tryvan Leech, Sr.
East High School Principal Tryvan Leech, Sr. Crushing Student Under His Weight
Youngstown East High School Principal Crushes Student
Youngstown East High School Principal Crushes Student


What Led to Principal Tryvan Leech Sr. Crushing This Student?

On Thursday October 29th Mayra Espada the mother of the teen who was crushed came to my house. She was in tears and feared for her son’s safety. She reported that her son was in an altercation at school with another teen who was taunting her son with foul language. Apparently Mayra’s son was expressing a desire to quit the football team and the other teen did not like it. Mayra’s son reported that he was hurling insults at him and demeaning terms when the altercation took place.

What Are Your Thoughts?

As I look at these pictures I cannot but help think about what was going though this principal’s mind when he decided to jump on this teen with his heavy body. Of course this man is more powerful than the teen but does this give him an excuse for excessive force and dominance? It seems this school gets away with way too much and I hope with the new school board in place they will not tolerate the abuse of students.

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This is no Way to Reach the Hearts

Brute physical force is no way to reach the hearts and minds of children. This is an old school tactic for out of date an uneducated people. The solution is NEVER VIOLENCE FOR VIOLENCE!  What kind of cave men are in charge of our children’s safety and well being at school? The pictures above disgust me on many levels. I think every parent needs to ask themselves, “What if that was your child?”.

For a principal that makes $87,560 a year I think this situation should of been handled totally different.

The Family is Looking For Help

Mayra is now afraid to send her child to school and with good reason. The family is looking for someone to represent them in this battle. Please contact Youngstown Angels if you can help this family restore their peace of mind. Youngstown Schools have gotten away with way too much and will continue this kind of behavior until they are stopped legally!

Tell Tryvan Leech sr What you think by contacting him below.

Principal:  Tryvan Leech, Sr.
Phone:  330-740-4005
Fax:  330-742-6464
474 Bennington Ave.

Youngstown, Ohio 44505

Update: More information

It is also ironic that the principal did not file a report until a week after this incident occurred. I just got off the phone with the mother and Father of the student. They reported that while the Principal was holding him down the other students were kicking him in the back and face.

53 thoughts on “Youngstown East High School Principal Crushes Student”

  1. I think that guy did the right thing yall need to sit in that school and see how every kid behave in that school how kids get jump and they put videos of it all over Facebook thinking is cute so if the parents cant control there kids someone have too do it

    1. Let me tellllllllll u mimi I control my son well…I invite u to go and be in the shoes of some good student that cause we reside on the East side have to be bully, and else…I’m a mother that every Tuesday I visited the school for the best of my child..and other Hispanics that don’t know the perfection of speaking good English..for my son and them I fight till the end…good nite…..u have to have a child there to really make a comment like u just did…I’m a mother that teaches get respect to gain respect

    2. No I go to that school and they totally over react about everything we don’t get any say in ANYTHING the administration does all the talking and we don’t get to tell our side at all.. SO BEFORE YOU SPEAK PLEASE KNOW WHAT YOUR SPEAKING ABOUT. Its obvious this kid is 3x smaller than the principal the fight was well over with and Mr. Leech big 400 pound body was suffocating him and he apparently couldn’t breathe because blood was running everywhere …I think that the Youngstown Police Department should have handled it.. At least they are trained to do such.. I hate this school not because of the students but because of who it is ran by. This system is so messed up they don’t care about students or how we feel AT ALL.

  2. Hi Marla, This place is NOT disgusting we do however have big challenges ahead of us. We would like your support to make this a better and safe place for our kids and not just hurl insults at us. Thank You

  3. Marla, this is not a disgusting place. You are only going off of what you hear and not what you see. I graduated from there in 2010, the way the kids are now vs when I attended is alot different. As he stated, we have big challenges we are facing as a community and in education,just like any school system. Unless you have been here and seen it, there’s nothing for you to say about it. Offer a solution, not insults. I don’t like the way it went, however, I know how these kids can be. Let’s talk about how brutal these cops are, let’s talk about the growing issue of people being afraid of authority due to the police brutality. We will overcome this one day soon.

    1. Some of the parents need to make it surprise visit to the school just to see and hear how these children act and talk.We as parents and grandparents should attended Supt.Think Tank At The Board Of Education To Voice Your Opinion. Call The Board Ask When These Meeting Take Place. It In The Morning I Do Know That Much I’m sure that it’s from 9:00A.M until 11:00AM. Board Of Education No:330-744-6990

  4. I understand kids can get unruly , but I have to ask, what ever happened to 1-2 teachers simply stepping in and breaking it up ? An obese adult jumping on a highschool “kid” and wrestling him to the ground in a headlock seems a bit extreme and dramatic to me. Break the 2 kids up, separate them, and send them to the principal’s office. When I was in highschool there were a few fights every year, never once did I see a teacher single out a student and jump on 1. One minute you seen 2 boys fighting, the next minute you seen 1 or 2 teachers separating the boys and grabbing them by their shirts and dragging them to the prinipal’s office.

    1. You obviously haven’t been in a school in a very long time. Try breaking up a fight by “dragging them to the principals office” and you’ll be the one getting drug. I highly doubt that man was trying to hurt that student. And better he try to stop it then to have to have the police intervene. But as usual people spin things to become what they want them to.

      1. Well there was a police but didn’t even do anything. …….and for uuu….East High School it’s sooo out of control at 8:11 am today I saw around 11 students walking down the hill of East High. …ands a parent I got worried. …some parents send their kids to school for what? Be bulling, to get their school shirts mess it up by others or for what?? I go and check on my son regularly cause I care and cause I know what’s it’s going on inside that school. …

  5. He had no right to hold the student down like that. I witnessed what happened the fight was over with & Caesar was coughing & spitting up blood telling Mr.Leech that he couldn’t breathe. He should not have taken matters into his own hands there were officers right there it could’ve been dealt with a different way!!!!!

  6. Kids are so cruel these days especially in Youngstown city schools they will get mad clique up and do the craziest things thinking they are cool. I don’t think the principal was wrong if the kid was getting jumped. Because it could of been a lot worse if he hadn’t. Was he the only adult there? What have they done to prevent this from happening? What has happened to the kids who participated? And most importantly was the boy ok?

  7. I can’t believe what’s occurring in our city schools and I think is a good idea that someone outside the school district should step in and take over and make changes for Youngstown schools and our children. I don’t accept this kind of behavior we need to come up with a better system and if us parents and the community would get involve we can make these schools better.

  8. as an east high student I strongly disagree with your logic sure theres fights and sure we have a bad reputation im no angel and neither are you clearly he could have had another teacher or police officer help him and I know what else your gonna say why didn’t any students break it up? the answer is that if a student gets hit breaking up a fight nine times outa ten they will also start fighting and then that will cause an all out rally and no one wants that so…

  9. You people are obviously jumping on the bandwagon after the SC incident with the cop. This principal was on top of the situation because he had to be. You should really hang your heads in shame for this. What’s next, a GoFundMe campaign for this poor innocent child who did nothing wrong at all? Please. Get a grip.

  10. Speak on what you know!! I graduated from this school as well in 2010 and the way the kids are now is totally different they’re wayyyyyy more disrespectful thn we ever been ! And at any school it will be fights so for someone to go off a picture w/o getting the full testimony is crazy how about asking yourself how did the principal end up on top of him anyway? Maybe he tripped and fell you never know fights gets pretty out of handle so you can say you dislike or glad you you don’t live here that’s cool your probably wouldn’t be able to handle the challenges the teacher and or principals go through everyday !!!!!!

    1. Noooo he jumped on him… Not trying to separate the two people but JUMPING ON him is unacceptable! He does not need to be principal to be there and to actually see what happened is so crazy and they actually got it on video

      1. Good where’s the video? Huh I was at east almost every day last year you kids are disrespectful. Always fighting. If there is such an issue way do you run to see the fight why were you gathered around it sure wasn’t to stop the fight it wasn’t to talk these guys down it wasn’t to better the situation. No! I was to see the action. So when the principle comes to make sure these wild kids can’t continue fighting he’s so wrong. So next time no one should do a damn thing just let them rip each other apart. Oh, but then you would say Mr Leech just stood there and did nothing. It doesn’t matter what he does y’all will always pick apart every action this man takes. Do you know that no one wanted to be principle at east no one wanted to touch it. But Mr Leech comes from an hour away every day to do his job that he is truly overly qualified for but he comes a deals with the bureaucracy and red tape and limited resources to try and make education important to us inner city folks and students. Walk a mile in his shoes. Then comment.

  11. I am having an issue with my daughter at ej blott elementary and need legal representation from an angel for discrimination against her on the basis of disability. I have all the paper work, recordings, psychiatric recommendations etc please help us

  12. A teacher/principal has every right to restrain a child but not in this manner this is absolutely wrong and then for kids to be kicking the boy while the principal lay on top of him I say let’s go hold that fat ass down and kick him a few time about the head & face maybe he’ll think twice the time he takes a child down !! He need fired ASAP !! There is hope for this school but not with the people running it now !!!

  13. A teacher/principal has every right to restrain a child but not in this manner this is absolutely wrong and then for kids to be kicking the boy while the principal lay on top of him I say let’s go hold that fat ass down and kick him a few times about the head & face maybe he’ll think twice the time he takes a child down !! He need fired ASAP !! There is hope for this school but not with the people running it now !!!

    1. You have no clue what your talking about. It would be awfully funny to see YOU anywhere near east high in thr middle of a heavily black populated ghetto. Lol you won’t hold anyone down and kick anyone. How dumb do you sound. Have you ever seen hockey? The ref’s lay on the fighters. He is not hitting or kicking this kid, he’s keeping him from attacking another kid again. Dumb jerk. Go warch your soaps and shut up. Violence against someone trying to help is always the answer.

  14. It starts at home patents need to get involved. I was born and raised in Youngstown, on the North side in the 80’s and 90’s parents were involved now and days they send their kids to school for teachers to babysit. I moved out of Youngstown for my daughter to have a better education. Its so sad, I feel bad for the teachers who have to deal with disrespectful kids. I know first hand my son went to Wilson High and got into fights all of the time because of kids picking on him. I went to every parent teacher conference and teachers would say barely any parents showed. My mother was involeb in the PTA, assistant track I coach and lunch aid. We knew better. Why was paddling taken out of sc

  15. No I go to that school and they totally over react about everything we don’t get any say in ANYTHING the administration does all the talking and we don’t get to tell our side at all.. SO BEFORE YOU SPEAK PLEASE KNOW WHAT YOUR SPEAKING ABOUT. Its obvious this kid is 3x smaller than the principal the fight was well over with and Mr. Leech big 400 pound body was suffocating him and he apparently couldn’t breathe because blood was running everywhere …I think that the Youngstown Police Department should have handled it.. At least they are trained to do such.. I hate this school not because of the students but because of who it is ran by. This system is so messed up they don’t care about students or how we feel AT ALL.

  16. Principle did what he was supposed to do. Parents handle your kids at home. Kids do the right thing. You’re in high school you know right from wrong. Stop looking for sympathy and money.

  17. Obviously you never been inside east highschool for a day. He did the right thing, east is the worst school. Go there for a day and tell me he did something wrong do it please there’s at least 10 fights a day he tried his best to stop one

    1. To Ramon…..my son had contusion look it up in the med web…hematomas under his back skin…broken tooth bracket, muscle spasms. ..but u know why I’m crying I know that he’s nothing to u but my two boys are my life….my son needs his brackets all fixed. ..what can u tell me nowww. ..God bless u if u believe. .

  18. I know Mr Leech personally and my children went to east. The atmosphere is rough at time but for the most part this school and its staff is doing the best that they can with the limited resources that they have. And as far as this fight my question is where is the other student envolved? Also this kid is most likely not as small as you think. This kid was probably way out of control, because i have witnessed Mr Leech and his response to situations at east and this is way out of character for him. This kid had to have been a danger to someone or himself. And furthermore, there are cameras everywhere, the truth will come out either way.
    If you don’t live here in Youngstown don’t speak down on us because that just makes you part of the problem and we don’t need you adding negative. Youngstownians are natural born survivors.

    1. Hey Kara my son it’s physically hurt…..he for ur information it’s a student involved in ROTC, YOUNGSTOWN STATE UNIVERSITY THREE TIMES A WEEK, GOOD GRADES…BUT WHY IS U DEFENDING WHAT CAN’T BE DEFEND….WE WILL HAVE A HUGE PROTEST IN YOUNGSTOWN. …

    2. To Kara yes the truth it’s coming out….I’m the mom of the student under the principal. …my son was removed from that school for safety. ..my son attend YSU THREE TIMES A WEEK, INVOLVED IN ROTC. ..LET ME TELL U I HAVE RECORDS SINCE LAST YEAR OF THE BULLING HE WENT THRU…..

  19. Maximus your a complete ass. What is wrong with you? Are you mad because you don’t make the type of money the principles make? What does his paycheck have to do with anything? Lol and for all that Mr Leech did for you and your family. For all I did, raising money, prayer, love poured out. And you attack this man. You only have pictures no video no real understanding of the whole situation. You just jump on here and give half the story. Seriously? Are you really for justice or revenge? Stop it!!

    1. My son unfortunately it’s at East …Last year 4 of his shirts got cut and written by markers, hummmmnnn he got jumped by this disgusting bullers……damage his new jacket. ..I’m feed up w this people that are giving wrongful opinions. ..if u don’t have a child at east keep ur mouth zippered. …education starts at home like I told my child…but also got tired I told my son step up to this bullers…that principal will destroy all reports, concerns that weeee or me had….so it’s acting time. PRO TESTING TIME IM GOING UP TO NBC NEW YORK NEWS….ANYTHING TO SAY NOW……MY SON COULD OFF BEING DEAD…..ASK ME HOW IS HE DOING? GOD BLESS EVERYONE…BY THE WAY THE OTHER STUDENT ITS PLAYING AND TALKING CRAPPPP, HE DID 3 DAYS MAINE 5 CAUSE WE ARE HISPANICS….LET U W THAT ONE

  20. My son attends East the school is terrible teachers don’t care no more the students are terrible like someone said try to break up a fight see what happens you in a fight now these kids now are so disrespectful its insane I couldn’t be a teacher or a cop in schools I feel its going to take better training and better screening to hire that’s it that’s all and for the students No excuses they fight out of there disrespect a teacher out of there they keep giving problems lock up parents it will change

  21. The truth of the matter is, these kids are sent to school to get out of their parent(s)home, because they don’t want to be bothered at home. It is very slim to none parent participation in parent conferences, or any other events that have to do with the children. These kids think they are grown, and the parents allow them to be disrespectful to adult authority figures. While these kids bully other kids, clique up, and feel they don’t have to answer to anyone even the administrator’s it is shameful. The parents always want to blame others. If you pop up on your kids, volunteer and particpate more maybe there won’t be so much confusion. There are rules to go by, and if they don’t follow them student or adults, than maybe you should keep them at home. I have seen their schoolwork and it is not challenging at all, there are not enough books, and the kids do whatever they want!! These teachers are counseling the kids most of the time, and coaching them about behavior. A students job is to sit down and learn without disruption, take notes, do homework, and particpate. These kids are failing, because of lack of supervision at home. When the schools call the parents, it is always someone else’s fault. I bet if yall put a 3rule plan in place, and these kids get to strike 3. Kick their behinds out and make them stay at home. These parents dont want to deal with their own kids, and the teachers shouldn’t have to stop teaching, because the students can’t control themselves. These kids are wayyyyy behind academically, because they think their shoe game is going to get them somewhere. There are no realistic goals, or consequences when it comes to anyone in that school. I’ve been in the classes there and I’m telling you the kids are clowning and trying to be cool.

    1. Vonn Maybe you should apply for the principals job. I agree with most of what you say. However you cannot throw all the kids in one group and say they are bad. The majority of kids there are awesome kids. Yes I have been there several times. They have always been respectful and kind to me and my family. So I don’t understand when people indicate that these are “Throw Away Kids” I don’t believe that at all and I don’t think you do either. I would challenge the school and the school system to give me what they feel the worst kids are for 2 months and I bet they come out different people on the other end. I would get them to believe in themselves and not just call them bad kids like I see so many people doing. Its heartbreaking to hear people say this over and over again. Just think if these kinds of people actually convince these kids that they are “Throw Aways”. It makes me sick!

    2. Vonn this is for u….a mother that witnesses everything was the one to called me, told me my son was jumped, after by the principal. .why the other student didn’t got jumped by the principal. …do u think u know it all….noooo my son was suspended for 5 days…other bot only 3days…where do u see transparency here……..I tell u why cause he lied to me since the beginning. ..that principal had my son’s blood on his shirt….he said to me…I SEPARATED THEM…LOOK IN THE DICTIONARY.COM THE MEANING OF SEPARATED, SEPARATION…..PLEASE LOOK IT UP…IT DOESN’T SAY BEING JUMPED ON TOP….OK

  22. I have a child that attends this school and yes there are some ill-behaved children there. Not all of them are bad seeds. Some are there to actually learn. Don’t be so fast to always blame the school system. Learning and discipline starts in the home. Parents..RAISE YOUR CHILDREN! Stop letting society raise your children to be something less than great! As far as this Mr. Leech situation..my child informed me that he did not intentionally smash that child…he was pushed from behind while trying to break up the altercation and fell on top of him and he immediately got off of him.

    1. If you are stating that the eyewitness testimony is false then please provide proof. In this post we have 2 pictures. Please pull out your smart phone and go to the app. That is going to take you about 3 to 5 seconds. Then in the pictures(s) that we have we see Leech on top of the child in both of them in different positions with a new person on the scene in the second one. I don’t believe for a minute that he was pushed and accidentally fell on top of this child. The photos are time stamped as well, I will not reveal how long the principal was on top of this child because I believe that will be done in a court of law.

  23. Hi, god be all of u…this is Mayra Espada , Cesar mom’s. …I just want to express today about bullers attend East High School I had being dealing w bulling and bullers since last year…I have a file of all the meetings..also last year I was at school not only for bulling but also the 9th grader English teacher that was more absent in the whole year…but no one did anything. …al softer like 10 to 15 attempts to contact him my son ended w a nice D…..from a teacher that wasn’t hardly at school…..YOUNGSTOWN CITY SCHOOL ITS LOOKING BAD NATION WIDE ….STUDENTS FALLING TESTING, GRADUATING…EDUCATION ITS POOR IN YOUNGSTOWN. ….MY SON STILL COPING W ALL THIS. .ITS BEING FOR HARDER ON MYSELF. .IM SICK BUT I WILL GET BETTER CAUSE IM A FIGHTER , BULLERS CAN CAUSE REAL DAMAGE TO A PERSON….


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